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All types of pest control services in Leeds

  • 3-month guarantee on pest control treatments
  • A wide range of pest control proofing options
  • Pest treatments to eliminate ants, rats, mice, wasps & fleas
  • FREE pest inspection when you book a pest exterminator

Professional pest control services in Leeds

Any pest control service in Leeds begins with an inspection of the infested area. Pest exterminators identify pest types and assess infestation severity.
The pest control technician determines the best treatment for your home or business. The exterminator will seal any small entry points free of charge.
Severe pest infestations always require a follow-up visit. We guarantee pest treatment with 2 free follow-ups. In case of pest activity, pest technicians treats property for free.
Following any pest control service in Leeds, the exterminator will explain to you how to prevent future infestations and how to avoid rodents or insects on your property.

We offer a pest control service to residents and businesses in Leeds

  • Wasp control Leeds

    Fantastic Pest Control offers various types of pest control treatments, including wasp control services in Leeds. Don't risk your safety by trying to remove a wasp nest on your own; instead, contact us and hire a local wasp exterminator. Insecticide powder will be applied by the technician immediately. Within minutes, the nest will be neutralised and the wasp infestation will be effectively eradicated.

  • Rat control and removal in Leeds

    Rat infestations are a common pest problem in Leeds. Mice and rats multiply rapidly, and just one or two of them could cause an infestation on your property. Contact us to schedule a rodent control visit from a local pest professional. In addition to blocking off potential entry points, we will help you to rodent-proof your property as well.

  • Bed bug treatment

    Over the past few years, bed bug infestations have become increasingly common. Bed bugs are easily transferred from clothes or luggage to your home or office, causing ongoing problems. It will take two visits in approximately two weeks to get rid of bed bug infestation. The pest technician will treat all affected areas, including your mattress, headboard, upholstery, and floor, after thoroughly inspecting the property.

  • Cockroach control in Leeds

    A cockroach infestation is not only distressing, but it is also dangerous. Cockroaches should be dealt with immediately by booking professional cockroach control. As part of the treatment, the pest technician will inspect the property and place bait gel to attract and poison intruders. The pest control technician will apply a long-lasting insecticide as a preventative measure to minimise the chances of re-infestation.

Fantastic Pest Control vs. Leeds City Council Pest Control

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Leeds City Council

We offer pigeon control no matter the type of building

Bird control is available only for commercial premises

We offer same-day pest treatments

They will contact within five days

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