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Pest Control in Leeds
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Local Pest Control Leeds Services For Homes & Businesses

When you need a professional pest control company in Leeds, turn to Fantastic Pest Control. The local pest management team will do whatever it takes to tackle the rodent or insect infestation at your place. We use advanced professional equipment and proven methods to eliminate any property pests that bother you. Furthermore, we’ve got the means and know-how to protect your premises from a reinfestation.

Given the right conditions, some pests (like rats for instance) can cause immense damage. Not to mention the actual health hazard they pose. So even if you're not entirely sure whether your place is affected or not, turn to Fantastic Pest Control for a thorough inspection and we'll send an experienced pest controller to investigate.

The services of Fantastic Pest Control have an average score of 9.6 / 10 as rated by 69 precious customers.

Local rat and mice control servicesAfter inspecting your property, the pest control technician will block all those tiny holes that the rodents use as entry points. He will implement expanding foam, wire wool and sealants to fill even the tiniest of cracks.

And if the infestation is quite serious, the expert will safely apply pesticides that will eliminate the still present specimens.

Local ant treatment servicesA powdered insecticide is used on the cracks and holes that ants use as entry points. They are tricked into believing that the powder is some sort of food so they'll carry it back to their nest. This will effectively eradicate the colony.

Also, the powder has about a three-month residual effect which will protect your place from future insect intrusions.

Local wasp nest removalThe nest is located and physically removed. Usually, this alone is enough to make the wasps go away. However, if the nest is located somewhere within your home, the pest control technician will apply a special powder that directly attacks the central nervous system of the wasps and puts them out.

Also, the applied insecticide will protect your place from a reinfestation.

Local bed bug control servicesThe treatment for these bloodthirsty parasites requires two visits. During the first visit, the pest control technician will apply an insecticide with an immediate knockdown effect. It is recommended for somebody to sleep in the affected rooms after the treatment to lure out the bed bugs in hiding. About two weeks later, the technician will return for a secondary treatment with another pest control formula that has a prolonged residual effect.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can opt for our special heat treatment service that eliminates 100% of the bed bugs present at your place (including their eggs and larvae). Specialised equipment is used to raise the temperature in the affected rooms to about 56°C. Also, It is absolutely safe for your property.

What are the most common pests in Leeds? Check out our Pest Calendar:

What are the most common pests in Leeds?  Check out our Pest Calendar:

Be it wasp nest removal services in Leeds, rat and mice extermination, or even bed bugs control procedures, you can be sure that Fantastic Pest Control will provide you with the most adequate and reliable professional assistance.

So let's say that you need our services right away. Then you are probably experiencing troubles with some of the most commonly met buggers. And by the way, turn to the Pest Calendar chart below for further some curious stats.

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