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A thorough property inspection is the first step in every Nottinghamshire pest control treatment. Pest exterminators rely on inspections to determine the severity of an infestation and the pest type.
There are different treatment methods for different types of pests. We handle all pest infestations. We use traps and baits to control rats and mice, and spray-based products to treat insects.
A free property inspection and additional treatment will be provided twice within a 3-month period. We provide guaranteed pest control services that eliminate vermin infestations completely.
A written service report is included free of charge with our Nottingham pest control treatments. An effective pest management plan and pest prevention advice are included in our pest eradication services.

We provide residential and commercial pest control services

  • Rodent control

    Rats and mice can be very destructive and cause serious health and property damage. Our pest exterminators in Nottingham employ a range of tactics and techniques to control and eliminate rodents. The pest technician will use the latest approved rodenticides, proofing materials, and entrapment methods to get rid of rats, mice and squirrels.

  • Insect pest control

    We provide pest control services in Nottingham for fleas, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and moths. Our insect control techniques include the implementation of environmentally-responsible and specialised insecticides. Whenever there is a severe infestation of flying or crawling insects, we offer fumigation services.

  • Wasp nest treatment Nottingham

    Our exterminator will arrive with the latest equipment to handle the nest and control the wasps. Identification of the wasp species is essential to determining the best control method. The wasp exterminator locates and treats the nest. Powder spraying into their nests quickly neutralises wasps.

  • Cockroach control in Nottingham

    Cockroaches are destroyed by bait gel traps we use for our cockroach treatment. Once applied, the bait gel poisons and kills cockroaches that consume it. A powerful insecticide will be sprayed on the affected areas by cockroach exterminators if the infestation is severe. There is a residual effect of the insecticide, so it remains active over time.

Nottingham City Council Pest Control vs Fantastic Exterminators

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Nottingham Council

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