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Pest Control in Reading

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Say “No” to Vermin with Fantastic Pest Control in Reading

When a local pest exterminator near you is ready to assist you in the fight against hazardous pests, you can rest assured that the job will be completed promptly and in an expedient fashion. Hence, if you are in a situation of urgency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now! We will treat your call with utmost priority and will ensure that a pest control specialist is sent out to your Reading property at once. He will arrive fully equipped with effective pest management products and will follow closely our 4-step vermin removal process safely and efficiently.

Pest technician prepares for cockroach inspection

Upon arrival, the local pest controller will check carefully the affected areas in order to determine the scale of the vermin infestation. He will also identify the exact type of pest if you are in doubt about whether you have a bed bug or flea problem, for instance. Based on his findings, he will proceed with the most appropriate treatment.

Technician puts mice bait in a box.

We work with professional pesticidal products, which are industry-tested for their safety for use in residential and commercial environments. Our pest control partners are fully qualified and insured to apply the most advanced and COSHH-abiding anti-vermin methods.

A technician observing the results from the mice treatment.

Monitoring is also an important part of our pest management processes. We prompt our customers to observe the situation after the initial treatment and call us straight away if they notice signs of further pest activity.

Pest technician writes report about the service

Prevention is another key element of the successful eradication of your vermin issue. Hence, the pet exterminator will not only offer post-service safety and warranty-related information but will also provide you with reliable proofing tips so that your property remains pest-free for long.

Local Pro

Meet Your Local Pest Service Provider in Reading

Bruce Rowe is our trusted franchisee pest control partner for Reading and the nearby areas. He is now the team leader of the local team of exterminators, hence, you can rest assured that he boasts outstanding expertise.

The local technician always arrives at your property fully equipped and prepared to combat any type of rodent or insect infestation. He can respond to your vermin situation at a very short notice, subject to availability and urgency. The technician will apply the most effective anti-pest treatment and offer his expert proofing advice to you.

Bruce is also responsible for the pest control around Wokingham and Windsor and Maidenhead.

A glance at our services

  • Rats control

    The local pest management specialist will identify the scale of the rodent infestation and will apply an effective treatment at once. Upon request, the pest technician can install additional items for mice or rats proofing.

  • Bed bugs control

    We specialise in bed bugs control and other crawling or flying insect control solutions, whether you need help with eliminating a flea, roach or woodworm infestation. Just specify the vermin problem you suspect to us and we will assign a local exterminator to the task at once.

  • Squirrel control

    The cute but nuisance rodents love settling in attic spaces, often causing various types of damages to your roof or guttering. Hence, don’t hesitate to call us and hire a squirrel control expert who will remove the pests in a humane and lawful manner.

  • Bird control

    Don’t tolerate a colony of pigeons on your roof, as the birds can cause serious damages to your property exterior. We know how to deter the flying creatures effectively through a range of bird repellent techniques.

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Emergency Pest Treatment Services in Reading

When you need urgent help with a vermin infestation in Reading, get in touch with Fantastic Pest Control. We will assign a local pest exterminator to the job who will arrive at your property in a timely manner. We will also come to your aid right away if you are located in the following areas:

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