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Pest Control in Wokingham

  • Licensed and insured local pest controllers
  • Fully guaranteed services and emergency treatments
  • Flexible scheduling options at short notice
  • Inspection, treatment and prevention advice

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Without careful inspection of the affected areas on your property, the local pest technician will not be able to confirm the extent of the vermin infestation. Hence, prior to the service, he will check thoroughly your home or business facility for evidence of pest activity, in order to come up with an adequate pest management plan.
We deliver guaranteed results through employing advanced anti-vermin methods, pest-repellent techniques and by using professional pesticidal products. So, whether you need a bed bugs control treatment, a squirrel removal solution or expert fogging treatment, we’ve got you covered.
Our pest treatment services come in different booking options, which offer free visits and repeat treatments, if required, within a period of time when observation need be applied. We advise you to schedule a 1-month or 3-months guaranteed pest extermination service with us, so you can take full advantage of our pest control solutions.
To proof your property against future vermin infestation, you will need to apply consistency and diligence, as well as take advantage of your pest service provider’s tips and advice. He will suggest his expert anti-pest recommendations to you, in order to ensure that your home or business venue is healthy and vermin-free.

Check out Some of Our Pest Control Services Below

  • Rodent control

    Whether mice or rats have settled on your property, we can help. Just hire a Fantastic local pest controller near you to free you from the problem. He will expertly seal all likely points of entry and will apply a professional and safety-tested pesticidal product on the affected areas.

  • Cockroach control

    Roaches will breed out of hand in a very short while if left unobstructed. Hence, book a fully guaranteed cockroach control service with us right away. We also offer a range of other insect control solutions to both homeowners and business property proprietors.

  • Wasp control

    We provide expert wasp removal services in your area at short notice. By employing professional insecticidal products and proven extermination techniques, the local pest controller will free you from the hazardous stingers in a matter of hours.

  • Business anti-pest solutions

    Fantastic Pest Control delivers reliable pest extermination solutions to businesses in Wokingham. From rat and mice control to various insect control treatments, we will restore the healthy and vermin-free working environment at your commercial facility.

What Makes Us Better Than Your Local Council

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Wokingham Local Council

Discreet and Emergency service offered! Fantastic Pest Control technician can arrive within 1 hour!

This service is provided by West Berkshire Council.  So it may take a while.

Fantastic Pest Control will provide you with different types of pest treatment methods. The specialists are fully prepared, carrying expanding foam, baits, gels, and various safe and approved insecticides.

They can only advise you on treatment and give you details of how to find a reliable pest control contractor who can help.

In Need of Urgent Anti-Pest Solution in Wokingham?

We are happy to announce that now Wokingham is included in our emergency pest control service coverage, as well as the following nearby locations below:

Postcode coverage: RG1, RG11, RG2, RG3, RG30, RG40, RG41, RG45, RG6, RG7

Other locations we cover nearby Wokingham

Royal society for public health
Prompt Verified
Ofqual Regulated
Qualifications wales organization
Council for the curriculum examinations and assessment

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