Expert pest control in Slough

  • 24/7 pest exterminator near you in case of emergency
  • Treatments for all types of pests in Slough Borough
  • 3-month guarantee on all pest control services
  • Rat proofing is available on request

Slough professional and trusted pest control teams

Whenever a pest control service is called into action, the first step involves inspecting all infested areas. Pest controllers identify pest types and determine the most effective treatment.
Slough exterminators are fully equipped to handle any pest infestation. Rats and mice are controlled using traps and baits, while insects are treated with spray-based products.
We offer guaranteed pest control services that will eliminate any vermin infestation completely. Within a 3-month period, we will be on hand and ready to inspect your property twice free of charge.
Additionally, we offer tips on how to prevent future pest infestations in Slough as part of our pest control services. We also offer pest-proofing services upon request.

We treat all kinds of pests in Slough

  • Flea removal

    You will receive instructions about what to do before and after the flea treatment in your home. The service consists of four steps - inspection, treatment, observation, and prevention. Our pest control teams in Slough can take care of your business or domestic property. You can choose between a single or a full treatment with follow-up visits.

  • Wasp nest removal Slough

    We will dispatch an exterminator equipped with the latest tools to handle the nest and control the wasps. To determine the most effective wasp control method, it is essential to identify the wasp species accurately. The wasp exterminator will locate and remove the wasp nest. By spraying powder into their nests, wasps are quickly neutralised. 

  • Slough rat control

    In addition to regular treatments, we also offer emergency treatments for mice and rats. Rats are controlled by using an endoscopy camera to scan all inaccessible spaces in your home for rodent activity. Wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam will be used to seal off all potential rat entry points.

  • Bed bugs removal & control Slough

    It usually takes two visits spread over approximately two weeks to get rid of bed bugs. During the bed bug removal service, the exterminator will treat all affected areas, including your mattress, headboard, upholstery, and floor. Heat treatment is required for severe infestations of bedbugs.

Swift Vermin Control Solutions in Slough

In an emergency pest situation in Slough, just get a Fantastic pest controller near you to help you deal with the problem. Whether you own a business property, a house or a flat, we will get rid of the pest infestation expediently and with outstanding results. You can also call us if you are located in the following areas:

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