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Pest Control in Slough
  • Professional multi-visits pest control services
  • Fully qualified and certified pest exterminators
  • Flexible bookings and emergency callouts
  • COSHH-compliant methods and products

Get Help in Urgent Vermin Situations in Slough

With years of experience in professional pest control, we can promise that your rodent or insect infestation in Slough will be eradicated effectively and in a timely fashion. From rat invasions to cockroach problems that have gone out of hand, you can rest assured that Fantastic Pest Control in your area will act in compliance with COSHH standards and all industry-set regulations.

We apply proven anti-pest methods and safe but powerful products, which will ensure that your home or business is pest-free again and it stays this way long term.

Our company has established a successful partnership with qualified pest exterminators in your locale who achieve a desirable outcome by employing a 4-step pest management process.

Pest technician proofing a commercial property

The pest controller near you will inspect the premises upon arrival. He will look for specific pest activity signs, such as droppings, stains, marks and damaged features or items. Based on his findings, he will be able to confirm to what degree your property has been infested.

Pest technician sprays for crawling insects

We apply rodent deterrent, removal and extermination treatments, depending on the type of animal you have a problem with. Furthermore, we specialise in wasp removal, bird control, insect control and professional fumigation solutions.

Technician inspects for crawling insects

These are a must if you want to ensure that the last pesky rat or cockroach has gone for good. For your reassurance, we offer fully guaranteed 1-month and 3-months service options, which make you eligible to get one or two free visits, respectively, within the above time frames.

Pest technician writes report and tips

Once the treatment has rendered its effective results, you want to keep it this way. Hence, take advantage of our pest proofing expertise and follow your local pest service provider’s tips on what to do and not to do so that you can enjoy a clean and healthy home for long.

Local Pro

Introducing You to Our Pest Exterminator Franchisee for Slough

In Slough, we have appointed Martin Grant to head the local team of pest control technicians. He has a proven record of hundreds of successful vermin treatment jobs, hence, you can trust his experience and expertise.

The specialist will identify the type of infestation, your home or business suffers from, and will employ highly effective anti-pest methods to neutralise the pests’ undesirable activity. He will treat your property in a safe manner, as well as provide you with further information on how to avoid future vermin infestations.

Grant is also the head of the teams in Oxford and Milton Keynes.

What pest control service do you need?

  • Anti-rodent treatment

    To free you from any nuisance rodents, we use high-end pesticidal products from reputable suppliers. They have a proven effect and are tested for their safety, with regards to humans and pets. We also seal all possible points of entry to deny rats and mice future access to your home or business venue.

  • Bed bugs control

    Fantastic Pest Control recommends booking a guaranteed insecticidal treatment, which ensures the complete eradication of the bed bugs infestation in at least two visits. As part of the service, we offer expert prevention advice, so you don’t suffer from the same pest problem in the future.

  • Squirrels and bird removal

    Both squirrels and birds can easily become a pest once they take fancy to your property. Hence, we specialise in helping homeowners and business proprietors deter the wildlife creatures from settling on the premises and causing various types of damages. Our methods are safe for you and your property, so you don't need to get your hands dirty.

  • Fumigation services

    The service is often booked for properties that have been rented out. The treatment includes a thorough spraying of the rooms with a powerful pesticide that destroys a wide variety of insects such as fleas, moths, cockroaches, flies and more.

Lots of Fantastic Advantages if You Hire Us

With a number of years of experience in the Slough and other areas, Fantastic Pest Control is a reputable and reliable company that many people trust to eliminate their pest problems. We can offer you more than your local council:

Slough Council

Fantastic Pest Control Brand Image

Limited availability, strict working hours, no urgent appointments.

Work seven days a week, emergency services, 24/7 customer service over the phone.

Solid charges for additional rooms for most of their insect control services.

We ask the number of rooms to be treated upfront and tell you the real price. We do not charge you more on-site.

Always requires payment upfront.

You only pay when the treatment is over.

Swift Vermin Control Solutions in Slough

In an emergency pest situation in Slough, just get a Fantastic pest controller near you to help you deal with the problem. Whether you own a business property, a house or a flat, we will get rid of the pest infestation expediently and with outstanding results. You can also call us if you are located in the following areas: Bracknell Forest, Windsor and Maidenhead.

I had to choose between your company and the local council pest control service, and I am happy that I decided to use your professional services in Slough. It was quick, efficient, and it didn't cost that much.

A. Jenkins

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