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Watford Pest Control Experts

The first step when a pest control service is called into action is to inspect all areas that are infested. Pest exterminators identify pest types and determine the most effective treatment.
Pest infestations are no problem for the exterminators in Watford. A combination of traps and baits is used to control rats and mice, whereas spray-based products are used to control insects.
A follow-up visit is always required in the case of severe pest infestations. In addition to pest treatment, we offer two free follow-ups. Pest technicians treat properties free of charge in case of pest activity.
Exterminators in Watford will explain to you how to prevent future infestations and how to keep your property free of rodents and insects following pest control services.

Treatments for domestic and commercial pests in Watford

  • Rat and mice control

    To successfully get rid of rodents, the pest technician will start by sealing the entryways they use to get inside your home. After that, the exterminator will continue with the actual treatment which includes placing rodent baits and traps at strategically chosen spots. Any rat and mouse carcasses will be disposed of by the Watford exterminator if you have booked our guaranteed services.

  • Flea removal

    Insecticide will be sprayed on the affected areas, eradicating fleas in the process. It will remain active for a long time because of its residual effect. Rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, cracks and crevices, and pet bedding are some of the areas that are commonly treated against fleas. Our Watford flea exterminators have the experience to handle any infestation of fleas.

  • Watford bed bug treatment

    A bed bug infestation can be eradicated in approximately two weeks with two visits. After thoroughly inspecting your property, the bed bug exterminator will treat all areas affected, including your mattress, headboard, upholstery, and floor. The most effective treatment for severe bed bug infestation is heat treatment.

  • Cockroach extermination Watford

    The cockroach exterminator will arrive fully equipped to tackle the infestation. We use professional bait gel that attracts the cockroaches and knocks them down. And since roaches tend to feed on others of their kind, the poison will make its way throughout the population fairly quickly, leaving your home insect-free.

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