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Pest Control in St Albans
  • Effective one-off or multi-treatment services
  • Pest control against insects,rodents & birds
  • All-in-one solutions: survey, treatment, proofing
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Our Pest Management Services Rely on Local Talent

We’ve established a reliable partnership with skilled, trained and certified exterminators in St. Albans who are always ready to help, 7 days a week. The experienced technicians are insured and fully qualified to use professional pesticides and other vermin removal or pest repellent products and devices.

For your peace of mind, we can organise a visit from a Fantastic pro on the same day, upon request and subject to urgency. This includes weekends and public holidays, as well.

And if you worry about what the neighbours would say or about compromising your business reputation, just say so and the specialist will arrive in an unmarked van.

Some of the Pest Control Procedures in St Albans

  • Cockroach control

    Your local pest technician will use special bait gel that attracts the roaches. Once some of them feed on it, it will kill them, and since cockroaches are omnivorous, other will feed on the dead ones and will die as well. This domino effect is usually enough to work effectively and rid you of the infestation but if there are still some roaches left, the expert will spray them with a powerful insecticide.
  • Bed bug treatments

    Usually, at least two visits from your exterminator are required in order to destroy this pesky insect. Bed bugs are known for their resistance but they won't survive our guaranteed procedures. We use powerful insecticides to destroy the bug and protect your home in the following months.
  • Rodent removal

    All mice and rat control begin with a careful property inspection and sealing off the entries which rodents use. After that, our poisons and bait stations take care of the population at hand. Upon service completion, your pest technician will give you tips to prevent future rodent problems.
  • Bird control

    Our pigeon control is humane and done by installing nets and spikes on residential and office buildings. This way, we prevent all sorts of avian pests from perching on top of the structure and ensure that the building is protected for long.

Fantastic Pest Control St. Albans Gets It Right Fast

If you require a same-day property inspection, anti-vermin treatment and pest prevention advice in St Albans, we’ll do our best to help! Just call and our customer care team will arrange an appointment for you. Fantastic Pest Control is also available in:

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Very savvy technicians and courteous attitude. Thanks for helping me with the cockroach problem.

Emma Deaville

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