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Pest Control in St Albans

  • Effective one-off or multi-treatment services
  • Pest control against insects,rodents & birds
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The local St Albans pest controller will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

The first step to a successful pest service is a meticulous premises inspection. Any signs of pest activity will be noted and the local exterminator will evaluate the extent of the infestation. Then he will proceed to discuss with you the best possible pest treatment.
Depending on the severity of the infestation and the type of pest, the pest technician will execute the treatment using professional chemicals, baits and methods. The goal here is to eradicate as many of the pests as possible and keep others from comming inside.
Our guaranteed services have a big edge over our regular sessions in that they come with up to two extra visits for absolutely free! So, if you spot any pest activity, we can resend the same expert to survey your business facility and take measures against the pests.
You should consult with your local professional on what you can do to protect your property from pests in the future. The specialist will gladly offer you some useful professional advice on the matter.

Some of the Pest Control Procedures in St Albans

  • Cockroach control

    Carpet beetles are not as dangerous as other bugs but they can do some unpleasant damages too. They can be barely spotted or even recognised and for that reason, we provide an inspection before any carpet beetle treatment is done. Then, the treatment can be either standard chemical treatment, heat treatment or fogging. 

  • Bed bug treatments

    Usually, at least two visits from your bed bug exterminator are required in order to destroy this pesky insect. Bed bugs are known for their resistance but they won't survive our guaranteed procedures. We use powerful insecticides to destroy the bug and protect your home in the following months.

  • Rodent removal

    All mice and rat control begin with a careful property inspection and sealing off the entries which rodents use. After that, our poisons and bait stations take care of the population at hand. Upon service completion, your pest technician will give you tips to prevent future rodent problems.

  • Bird control

    Our pigeon control is humane and done by installing nets and spikes on residential and office buildings. This way, we prevent all sorts of avian pests from perching on top of the structure and ensure that the building is protected for long.

Interesting Facts and Stats About the Pests in St. Albans

#1. Mice consume food more than 15 times per day. For that reason, they build nests as close as possible to the food source so they can reach it easier. Food can be usually found in your property, so nesting there is a common behaviour. Mice usually look for a safe place during cold winter months. Fantastic Pest Control treated over 500 properties during the past winter season only in St. Albans.

#2. Bed bugs are so small that they can be barely spotted with a naked eye. You can get bed bugs after travel, from second-hand furniture, sleepovers and guests, public transportation etc. In St. Albans we've managed to treat approximately 340 properties with bed bugs infestations.

#3. Birds such as pigeons or seagulls are one of the main reason for structural damages and the grime around window sills, roof and gutters. Fantastic Pest Exterminators proofed more than 400 properties against pigeons only in St. Albans.

#4. Carpet beetles should be exterminated during their larval stage which is mostly impossible as they can be hardly spotted. The reason why is because not the adults but the larvae are the most destructive. They feed on leather, fur, feather, wool and other textiles. Fantastic Pest Control treated more than 500 homes against the little bugs in St. Albans for the past year.

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