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Pest Control in Stevenage

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  • Both Commercial & residential treatments available
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Efficient Pest Control Treatments in Stevenage

Fantastic Pest Control covers Stevenage and you can rest assured that no matter what pests are invading your home or business, they will be taken care of for good. We send a team of equipped and experienced pros to survey the area. We offer a wide range of treatments. In our long list of services, you can find bed bugs treatment, rodent control, bird control, fogging, heat treatment, cockroach control, and many more.

You can get in touch with us 24/7 and request a free quote. All we need is information about the signs of pests you've seen. Don't hesitate to call us for anything.

There are several important steps that every specialist needs to go through before taking action. The first is locating any signs of the animals' presence, followed by accurately identifying the pest's species, and by pinpointing their hideouts. All this information will be comprehensively evaluated by the specialist so that he may choose the most appropriate type of treatment for your current situation.

Based on the result of the inspection, your local pest expert will proceed to treat all infested areas one by one. The pest control method will be carefully selected based on the type of animals that inhabit your home or office. All products that will be used are COSHH-approved and environmentally safe.

If you want to get up to 2 additional follow-up appointments, book a guaranteed treatment. The specialist will then evaluate the situation and treat the infested areas again if needed.

No property can remain fully protected against a future pest invasion. However, the pest exterminator will make sure to take all possible prevention measures to boost your property's defences as much as possible. He will also advise you on which habits you may need to drop to avoid attracting more pests to your property.

Services Available in Stevenage

  • Flea treatment

    As a professional pest control company, we recommend that you leave the flea infestation treatment to the professionals. Flea eggs are hard to locate and exterminate and if you DIY your treatment, you're more than likely to get a reoccurring infestation once the eggs hatch. Professional exterminators use special products that will take care of the eggs as well and they will know how to locate them.

  • Fly control

    Flies can be as dangerous as they are annoying. They are a nuisance to have in your home and even more so in your restaurant or another food establishment. Even one fly can be enough to cause serious problems for businesses. We recommend you take care of your home and business by getting professional fly exterminators whenever you have a problem with these bugs.

  • Spider control

    For full extermination of spiders and their eggs, you must turn to a professional spider treatment service. DIY spider control often results in re-infestations. Luckily for you, the teams in Stevenage are experienced and available for emergency services. They use special insecticides which quickly and efficiently take care of all spiders and their eggs. The service is available for residential and commercial properties.

  • Ant treatment

    If you've tried dealing with ants in your home and you were unsuccessful, be sure to call your local Fantastic Pest Control experts. An ants control team will arrive do an inspection and then proceed with the appropriate treatment. We guarantee your home will be ants-free in no time.

Interesting Facts About the Pests in Stevenage

#1. Did you know that spiders can be found on every continent but not on Antarctica? In the UK, we have only about ten species of household spiders, but there are more living outdoors.

#2. House flies prefer laying their eggs on gross for us places, such as rotting animal carcasses, decaying fruit, and worst of all faeces.

#3. One particular ant species, the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei, can live up to 30 years. This makes them the longest living insects on the planet. Luckily, we do not have this species in the UK.

#4. Do you want to know how fast can a flea infestation spread? In just 21 days from one female flea, there can be 1000 in your home. Follow the example of the 330 people who hired us for flea treatment in Stevenage this year and call us at the first signs.

Pest Control Stevenage – Local Pest Exterminator Coverage

If your residence is located in the area of Stevenage, you don't have to worry about pests. Why? Because if you are suspicious about an ongoing infestation, simply get in touch with us without wasting any further time and we will handle the situation post-haste.

We can also treat against rodents, insects, squirrels, and birds in the following areas:

- Welwyn Hatfield;
- East Hertfordshire;
- North Hertfordshire.

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