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Pest Control in Tandridge

  • Insured local pest controllers who hold a COSHH certificate
  • Safety-tested pest deterrent and vermin extermination methods
  • Discreet service, available upon request
  • Flexible pest management service slots to suit your timetable

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A preliminary survey is always performed with each of our pest control services. This important first step helps the technician identify exactly the vermin species, which has taken fancy to your home or business facility. He will also check for damages, stains, droppings or marks, in order to assess the scale of the problem.
Based on what type of vermin you have on your property and the severity of the infestation, the local pest specialist will proceed with a matching and effective treatment. Note that if fogging is the suggested solution for your case, you may need to vacate the property for a couple of hours.
Most of our vermin removal solutions are best booked with an added observation period of one or three months. If you notice pest activity signs during this time, you can request an additional visit/repeat treatment (up to two for the 3-months guaranteed service), which will be free of charge.
In the final phase of the pest control service, you will be offered expert pest prevention tips, which are designed to keep your property vermin-free for long. The pest specialist will also advise you on what to do and what not to do after the service (ex: avoid vacuuming) to ensure that you don’t subvert the achieved results.

What You Get with Our Pest Removal Services in Tandridge

Our extensive range of pest management services includes rodent control, cockroach control, bed bugs control, bird removal, wasp removal and various other insect control solutions. We treat both domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK.

If you are located in Tandridge district, you can request our services at short notice and we will send out a COSHH-certified and fully insured local pest exterminator to see to the problem. He will perform the service in four easy steps to achieve high-standard results.

Rely on professional pest treatment for your home and business

  • Bird Control

    Birds can cause problems and can be a great nuisance to homes and businesses. Fantastic Pest Control does not kill the birds! We simply proof your property with efficient methods - nets and spikes- that keep the birds away. We use only humane methods for our bird control service.

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat treatment is an essential part of the insect eradication, as most of the vermins can be resistant to the insecticides and cannot be killed. This is why upon a request, we can send a pest technician with a special heater that warms up the room to 56°C. By this way, eggs, larves and adult pests will be eliminated. After the initial survey the technician will do the actual heat treatment.

  • Rodents

    Rodents will never stop their ongoing attempts of moving into your home in search of food and shelter unless professionally deterred. This is where we can come of your assistance. We use advanced rat and mice control techniques designed to repel the health-hazardous intruders from getting into your property. Read more about our mice control and our rat control service.

  • Flea Control

    Contact one of our representatives, and you will receive all the necessary information regarding the flea control service and the desired appointment. We will send a technician to evaluate the situation and determine the type of treatment. For flea infestations, we have two options: standard chemical treatment or heat treatment.

We Address Urgent Pest Control Requests Fast in Tandridge

Are you in an outright panic at the first signs of mice infestation? We know how it feels! Just give Fantastic Pest Control in Tandridge a call and let the local expert handle the issue for you! We also service the nearby areas below:

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