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Pest Control in Crawley
  • Work done in line with the COSHH regulations in the UK
  • Safe and efficient products supplied by a reliable provider
  • Customer care mans the phone lines seven days a week
  • Saving you time with convenient key pick-up and delivery

The Pests Have Made Their Move – Now It’s Your Turn

Landlords, tenants, homeowners, and businessmen can now all benefit from express pest exterminator services in Crawley. The professional is in partnership with the Fantastic Pest Control, which means that he has access to the latest equipment in the field and has years of experience under his belt. This in turn means that he can provide anything from mice control and insect control to squirrel trapping in line with all safety rules and up to an industry standard.

A Closer Look at Our Insured Pest Control Services

  • Treatments Against Rodents

    This type of pest control is carried out with potent, pet-safe products. The exterminator will seal off any suspicious-looking holes no wider than ½ inches with expanding foam, wire wool, and special sealants. Upon request and for an extra cost, the specialist can also dispose of the rodent remains as well by carefully sealing them in plastic bags before disposing of the animals.

  • Treatments Against Insects

    The expert has a wide range of products to tackle all bugs that are commonly found on UK soil. Such include cockroaches, bed bugs, moths, wasps, woodworms, fleas, spiders and many more. A common treatment method involves spraying of the infested areas with insecticides, although the tactics that your exterminator will deploy will be largely dependent on the pest species.

  • Treatments Against Squirrels

    Squirrel control is provided in several visits. To rid you of the fluffy animals, the specialist will use sturdy traps with suitable bait inside. You will then need to pay the cages a visit every 10 to 12 hours. Once all troublemakers are trapped, just let us know and the specialist will drive back to your property to take away the squirrels and dispose of them in line with the official laws.

  • Commercial Sector Services

    The local Fantastic Pest Control partner can help you drive back the pests from your food chain, hotel or office building in a long-lasting manner by means of fumigation, pest disinfection, and bird control. The first one serves as a precaution – a multi-purpose spray is applied to all areas that are at risk of an infestation. Pest disinfection includes the spraying of infected surfaces around kitchens, bathrooms, the areas around pipes and other places that were recently pest hotbeds with a special biocidal product that kills off the bacteria. Finally, bird control is performed using spikes, nets, and occasionally fire gels.

Benefit from First Class, Emergency Treatments in Crawley

 If the fate of your business now relies on the swift actions of a pest control professional, you will be glad to learn that the local exterminator is available for emergency appointments. He can arrive in just a few of hours after your booking to inspect your property, tackle your infestation, and give you tips on how to keep it pest-free in the future. Our mice control, bed bug treatments, and other services can also be requested in any of the following areas beside Crawley:

- Horsham;
- Adur;
- Mid Sussex.

Thank you!

Reliable, quick and efficient. Fantastic Pest Control in Crawley helped me with a pretty nasty silverfish infestation. It was like living in a horror movie. I cannot thank the local team enough for saving us from the horror.

Marie Briggs

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