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Pest Control in Lewes

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Get Certified Regular and Emergency Pest Services in Lewes

Pests are perhaps the second most annoying thing to deal with after your neighbour’s obnoxiously loud lawnmower. They are much more dangerous, too, spreading a plethora of harmful pathogens, such as Norovirus, Salmonella, Legionella, and more!

Just get in touch with Fantastic Pest Control in Lewes today and the critters will fade away like a bad dream. The certified franchisee can provide you with wasp removal, bedbug treatments, rodent disposal and other forms of pest control in a safe and fully regulated manner.

Each service is a four-step process, which we have outlined in more detail below.

Each type of treatment offered by Fantastic Pest Control will start out with a preliminary treatment. It’s objective is to evaluate the severity of your infestation, identify the species that have nested within your property, and find their nesting grounds. Once he extracts this vital information, the pest exterminator will use it to choose the right set of products and equipment.

Just like people, any of these uninvited creatures has its Achilles heel. The expert has memorised these by heart, so any of his pest control methods will be built around these specific weaknesses to provide optimal results. For instance, mice control will be performed with sealants, such as expanding foam, and traps armed with poisonous bait, which is very different from wasp control, where the pro will use special powder to disarm the hive and its inhabitants.

Once the professional’s work is done and if you booked a guaranteed service, he will remain on standby in case you experience any pest issues in the near future. If the animals have somehow managed to survive the initial session, you can order up to two extra visitations for free to eradicate every single one of them from your property with thorough follow-up treatments.

At the end, your reliable professional can supply you with a written report that meticulously lists every single product and service that was either used or carried out by him. Upon request, he can also give you personalised insight on how to slightly alter your routine so that you can keep your food business, office, hotel, or home pest-proof 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Swift and Safe Anti-Pest Services in Lewes and the Area

Don’t push the pest treatment further down your to-do list simply because you have a busy schedule. Fantastic Pest Control helps you tackle this unpleasant task proficiently and at a convenient hour by offering emergency treatments, carried out just a couple of hours after you’ve booked your service. The pest franchisee is at your service in Lewes and in:

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