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Pest Control in Wellingborough

  • Safe extermination of various types of pest infestations
  • Employing the newest equipment, available on the market
  • Working with skilled and certified local pest professionals
  • Emergency treatments, performed discreetly, upon request

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It may be clear to you that your home or office has been invaded by pesky vermin but unless a professional evaluate the source, the extent and the exact type of infestation, there’s every chance that a rushed treatment may render unsatisfactory results. That is why, your local pest exterminator will spend the time to properly inspect all affected areas, in order to come up with the most effective pest management plan.
The method and product for your specific vermin problem will be applied proficiently and according to industry-safety standards. The certified and insured local pest technician will follow closely our company’s practices, as well as comply to the manufacturer’s instructions. He will explain to you all the details of how the treatment works and will advise you on whether you need to leave the premises for a short while.
An important aspect of the service involves diligent observation actions on your part after the initial treatment. This means that you should not drop your guard but keep an eye for any residual pest activity. Furthermore, for your peace of mind, you can always schedule a fully guaranteed service with us, which may include more than one visit/treatment, free of charge, for an extended period of three months.
We are delighted to offer our expert pest prevention tips as part of the service. The technician will share his professional proofing advice with you to ensure that your home or office does not suffer from the same vermin problem in the near future. In addition, he will detail out any relevant measures you may need to consider so that the results of the treatment do not become compromised.

Treating a range of pests in Wellingborough

  • Fogging

    The professional carries a product for every pesky insect out there, including ants, moths, woodworms, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, etc. He can even disarm wasp hives by safely injecting a potent powder with the help of an extendable pole. The insects will become paralyzed and die shortly after, and the expert will take down the hive if it’s within reach

  • Spider Control

    Even though most spiders are not harmful, they are still unpleasant and not welcomed. We can get rid of the spiders in your residential or commercial property quickly and effortlessly. The spider exterminators are equipped with top-notch tools and use only UK-approved and effective products.

  • Bed Bugs

    The minimum amount of visits for bed bug control is two. This is necessary due to the insect’ highly adaptive nature to most bed bug products out there. The expert will arrive twice over the course of a month to treat your bedroom and other affected areas with two different insecticides.

  • Squirrel

    The squirrel control treatment is usually done in several visits. The exterminator will use heavy-duty traps loaded with bait. You will then need to check on the traps every 10 to 12 hours. Once the squirrels are trapped, the professional will arrive to remove them from your property. Learn more about the service: Pest control for squirrels

Need Emergency Pest Extermination in Wellingborough?

Wellingborough is now covered by our emergency pest management services, so if you need a fast assistance with the removal of vermin from your property, don’t hesitate to contact us right away! We will also strive to respond expediently to your pest control needs if you reside in the locations below:

Postcode coverage: NN29, NN8, NN9

Other locations we cover nearby Wellingborough

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