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Pest Control in Kettering

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Your local Kettering pest controller will put a S.T.O.P. to the pests today!

First, the pest control technician will carefully check for damages, stains, marks, etc., which have been caused by the pest. Only by doing so, the specialist will be able to determine the exact type of vermin infesting your property and the extent of the issue.
Depending on your situation, a pest management plan will be implemented that will guarantee the desired results. Some pest infestations may require more than one treatment, however, you will be additionally advised by your local exterminator.
You can book a guaranteed service with up to 2 free follow up visits in the period of one to three months. If you spot worrying signs of vermin after the treatment you can get in touch and a team will be sent to check up on the property and see if there is a need for re-treatment.
You should always consult with your local pest expert regarding what you can do to provide long-term pest protection for your premises.

Treating a range of pests in Kettering

  • Rodents

    Rats and mice bring damage to your home by gnawing on different surfaces. Not only that but they also spread disease and contaminate the area they frequently visit. Our rodent control services include locating the entry points and sealing them as well as manage the infestation on site. To achieve this, your local exterminator will resort to sealant materials, poisonous baits and traps which will ensure a complete rat and mouse extermination.

  • Cockroaches

    These pesky insects are really persistent when it comes to survival, and no human dwelling is safe and too far away from their reach. Our procedure includes placing a bait gel on spots with high cockroach traffic from which the bugs will feed. Once ingested, the gel starts working through the roach colony--roaches are omnivorous and will feast on the dead, spreading the solution even further and exterminating the infestation.

  • Bed bugs

    They can be introduced into your home easily but once they're in, it is extremely hard to get rid of them. Bed bugs are resistant to most wide-spread products so it's vital to resort to a professional solution to deal effectively with a full-blown infestation. Your Kettering exterminator comes prepared to eradicate even the most severe bed bug infestation and rid you of the pest once and for all.

  • Birds

    For our bird control procedures, we implement a variety of proofing and deterring solutions. Our aim is to discourage seagulls, pigeons and other pesky birds from nesting and perching on your building, thus stopping them from damaging its exterior and roof.

Boroughs besides Kettering that we cover

    Get in touch with a local pest controller as soon as you notice signs of pest presence it's always best to deal with pests before they get too comfortable in your home. At Fantastic, you can book treatments to fit your personal schedule. We even work on weekends, evenings and bank holidays!

    Postcode coverage: LE16, NN14, NN15, NN16, NN18, NN6, NN9

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