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You might have pictured squirrels as these innocent and cute fuzzy critters that roam the woods all day long in search of food. But since you’re here, then you surely know by now what a nuisance they can be. Homes near parks and other green spaces often experience problems with squirrels, especially when it comes to attics and backyards. If that’s the case, then Fantastic Pest Control can help you with an effective squirrel control London service.

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Fantastic Pest Control has the means and know-how to provide you with effective squirrel removal in London. All you need to do is to schedule a visitation to your property by a pest control technician. Your service will consist of four major steps:

  • Survey
    Your Fantastic pest control specialist will take a look around your property to determine the level of infestation. He will figure out where the squirrels come from and how they enter your property. Then he will get to work.
  • TreatmentYour fantastic pest controller will resort to cages and baits to capture the pesky squirrels. Squirrels are very suspicious of poisons, and that’s why the Fantastic pest controllers have developed an effective, instant squirrel capturing method. We only use cages to apprehend them and then dispatch of the squirrels in a humane way.
  • ObservationAfter some time, as part of your full squirrel pest control service the technician will return to inspect your property again in order to see the result of his work. He will check the cages and dispatch of the squirrels which have been caught. The technician will put fresh bait and come back again in a few days for a third visit during which he will collect all cages.
  • Proofing and PreventionYour Fantastic pest control expert will offer you some useful advice on how to avoid future problems with annoying squirrels or other rodents bothering you.
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  • Convenient Booking Options: Pick any day of the week and a specific time slot that suit you best for a visit by a pest exterminator.
  • Emergency Treatment: Opt for a same-day treatment in case things are out of control.
  • Approved Pest Control Techniques: The methods used by Fantastic Pest Control for removal of squirrels are approved by regulation institutions.
  • Not Hourly-Based: Your pest controller will work until the job is finished, he will do everything possible to make your property squirrel-free.
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