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Rely on Near-instant Animal Removal Service in London

It’s always unsettling to discover a dead animal as you return from your leisurely night stroll. And it’s even more so if this happened within the boundaries of your own home. The reasons for the permeating dead rodent smell are countless – perhaps it’s a gift by your loyal cat or the critter simply died of starvation. Whatever the case, Fantastic Pest Control can readily assist you with professional dead animal disposal to protect your health and restore your good night’s sleep.

Animal Carcass Removal and What the Service Includes

Carcass, unlike the lingering dead rodent smell in the house, can sometimes be pretty tricky to spot. For instance, you may be dealing with a dead animal in a wall or with a deceased bird that was attracted by the prospect of food and shelter. The pest technician will thus start off with a careful inspection. Once the deceased animal has been found, the pro will don sturdy gloves and place it inside a tightly sealed plastic sack. Then, the specialist will safely dispose of the dead corpse at an incinerator, where the high temperatures will reduce the remains to ash.

Note: After removing the animal carcass you can make use of our pest disinfection services to ensure you eliminate any lingering odors and health hazardous diseases.

Leave the Removal of Dead Animals to Us – Here’s Why

To make things easier for both sides, we have designed a service that focuses on bringing comfort and convenience to an otherwise quite upsetting task. So, let us help you handle the dead animal pick up for you, because:

  • We are available 24/7 and can provide emergency service at any time of the day;
  • We can arrive in an unbranded van and deal with the animal without anyone finding out;
  • Each pest technician is certified and will perform the service quickly and responsibly;
  • The smell of a dead mouse or other unwanted odours will be removed without a trace;
  • You will avoid dangerous diseases and will be able to enjoy your home once more.

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What Type of Animals Do We Actually Dispose of?

Removing the carcass of some unfortunate little fellow on your own is often a very emotional process that also poses many health risks. Luckily, the dead carcass removal expert knows how to handle all the logistics involved in this seemingly simple task and will discreetly take care of:

  • Rats, mice, squirrels, foxes, cats, dogs, bats, and other small mammals;
  • Pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, and other bird species;
  • Adders, slow worms, and other snakes (as long as they are dead).

Please note: The expert will not remove large animals, such as horses, deers, cows, etc.

Get in Touch for a Swift & Low-profile Animal Carcass Disposal

Just contact us over the phone on 020 3746 2723, our real-time chat, or by using our online booking form and our friendly advisers will help you pick an hour that best matches your busy schedule. Once the service is booked, the certified pest technician will give you a ring ahead of time so that you can be fully prepared for the upcoming session. When the van is parked at your address, the pest control technician will gently collect the animal, neutralise the unpleasant smells, leave a detailed report, and dispose of the body in accordance with our carcass waste agreement.

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