Fantastic Pest Control is Ready to Handle Your Pest Problems!

Your Fantastic Pest ControllerFantastic Pest Control London will free your home or workplace of ANY pests that bug you. Your property will be protected from insects and rodents for an extended period of time after treatment. You can fully rely on Fantastic’s professional pest exterminators for a quick and efficient job up to 100% success guarantee. This way you can be absolutely sure no pest animals will ever disturb you again. Call as soon as possible and explain what’s the situation – soon a fully equipped and trained pest controller will be on his way to eradicate whatever is bothering you.

S.T.O.P. The Pest Infestation Today!

Bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, and many more – opt for a pest treatment London service that takes care of them all. It’s all done in four simple steps:

  • S = Survey: Your Fantastic Pest Controller will fully inspect your property to determine the type of pest and level of infestation.
  • T = Treatment: With advanced pest control solutions to eliminate every last insect and rodent present at your property. (NOTE: This service is not hourly-based, meaning your Fantastic exterminator will work until all affected areas are properly treated.)
  • O = Observation: Monitoring is an important part of the Fantastic local pest extermination services. Your exterminator will return at some point to check if the pest treatment was fully effective. (NOTE: In the unlikely event of any registered pest activity after the first treatment, you get up to two additional extermination sessions FOR FREE!!!)
  • P = Proofing and Prevention: Your Fantastic Pest Controller will proof your property as a finishing touch and give you a written report for the service done as well as some useful tips for future prevention.

Why Choose Fantastic Pest Control?

What makes Fantastic’s pest elimination services the right choice for you? For starters, the guarantee that our methods of controlling pests will tackle any type of infestation successfully. However, there are a few other unique benefits for you, even if this is your first time using our services.

Regular Company
Full company insuranceLimited company insurance
Certified PEST inspectorsUncertified technicians
All insecticides/pesticides are approved by Kill Germ – official UK PEST supplierInsecticides and pesticides available over the counter
Complete service – inspection, treatment, preventionNo inspection or prevention included
2 complementary visits if a guaranteed service is purchasedFixed number of visits regardless of the results
More than 15 years of experience with all types of verminInexperienced providers


Take a look at the comprehensive PEST LIBRARY! This is where you will find more information about a wide variety of pest species found in the UK that are likely to trouble you. Understanding these intrusive animals is a key to prevention of any future infestations.

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