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A wasp or hornet nest at your property is among those little disasters you never expect. You suddenly have to deal with about three to five thousand flying stingers that are ready to defend their territory. Now you can opt for a wasp control London service – a quick, efficient, and painless way to deal with this problem. Fantastic Pest Control has the means and know-how to rid your property of the dangerous flying insects.

S.T.O.P. The Stingers – Book Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal

To ensure the safety of your home, family, and neighbours, you better leave the wasp nest removal to the professionals. The wasp extermination services provided by Fantastic Pest Control consists of four main stages:

  • SurveyWhen your wasp removal specialist arrives at your property, he will examine the affected areas closely and figure out how to take down the nest most effectively.
  • TreatmentYour Fantastic pest control specialist comes fully equipped and ready for action. He will physically remove the entire wasp nest. If the nest is somewhere within your house and within reach he will first remove it and then spray. The technician will use a powerful powder that attacks the nervous centre of the stinging insects and kills them. Leaving no reason for them to stick around your property any more. The wasps won’t show up again any time soon as the insecticide has a prolonged repelling effect.
  • ObservationUsually the wasp extermination service requires a single visit. But upon request your Fantastic wasp removal specialist can return to check if the treatment was successful and if there are still signs of the infestation.
  • PreventionYour wasp pest control specialist will even offer you some useful advice on how to protect your property from stingers in the future.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that Fantastic Pest Control can also provide you with bee control in London (only in certain areas).

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  • Convenient Booking Options – Book a service for a day and time that suit your schedule best. This includes weekends and bank holidays.
  • Emergency Treatment – If the wasp presence is simply unbearable, then opt for a same-day service.
  • Not Hourly-Based – Your expert wasp exterminator will work until the full procedure is carried out.
  • Safe Pest Control Methods – Fantastic Pest Control uses agency-approved insecticides and methods against harmful insects.

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What to Do Before and After Wasp Treatment

  1. Take any pets animals (including fish) somewhere else for a few days.
  2. You can’t be present while the wasp and hornet nest removal takes place. The stingers will be very angry so you don’t want to be around.
  3. If the treatment takes place indoors, you should leave the place empty so the insecticides can settle. When you come back, air out the property for about ten minutes.
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