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Property Pest Inspection Done by the Book

property pest inspection serviceStrange thumping and scratching sounds behind the walls or dark, cylindrical droppings in your kitchen are all signs that strongly point at an infestation. And acting in a timely manner is crucial in preventing the pests from growing in even greater numbers. Our pest inspection service is performed by certified specialists and is a great way of finding out who your uninvited guests are, how they’ve infiltrated your property and the most efficient method of their elimination.

What the Fantastic Pest Control Inspection Includes

Upon arrival at your property, the experienced pest technician will examine air ducts, drainage pipes, the basement, overgrown garden patches, and a wide variety of other places that rodents typically use to get inside. The expert will also use an endoscopic camera to take a good look at hard-to-reach openings or plain inaccessible areas, such as the inner part of your walls. If the sneaky vermin manages to somehow remain undetected after the initial inspection, the exterminator will use a thermal imaging camera to track their heat signatures and pinpoint all nests with 100% accuracy.

You Will Receive a Comprehensive Evaluation

Once the expert has examined all potential pest shelters in your property, he will immediately report his findings to you on-site. Based on the type of pest you have in your home and on the stage of your infestation, the professional will provide you with helpful suggestions on how you can take care of the rascals as efficiently as possible. For your convenience, you will receive your custom-tailored instructions in both written and verbal form, outlined in several steps.

What You Get By Using Fantastic Pest Control London

Our Fantastic Pest Control services are an affordable and reliable way of dealing with many of the common pests that terrorise households across the UK. Besides going after the widely spread Norway and black rats, the professional can also help you fend off cockroaches, fleas, woodworms, and even wipe out entire colonies of bed bugs with an efficient heat treatment method. By opting to get a thorough pest control treatment, you will also take advantage of:

  • A certified pest controller with countless quelled infestations behind his back;
  • A service that will continue for as long as needed until the infestation is dealt with;
  • All anti-pest products are pet-friendly and are delivered by an official UK supplier;
  • Same-day bookings for immediate treatments and discreet, non-branded vans;
  • Receive professional advice on how to prevent future infestations in your home.

Note: The price for your pest inspection is instantly compensated if you book a full treatment!

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