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Get Rid of Insects Completely with Our Heat Treatment

Heat treatment for bed bugs and other insects.There are many instances where pests have become immune to the insecticides that should supposedly kill them. So, what should you do if you ever find yourself in the same boat?

The answer is heat treatment – a new, eco-friendly method that is harmless to your possessions and extremely efficient against insects in any stages of development.

The certified pest control technician will use special diesel fuelled heaters to heat up the affected room to 56°C, easily eliminating eggs, larvae, and adult insects from your property in no more than a day.

S.T.O.P. the Pest Invasion – Book Thermal Bed Bug Treatment in London

Heat treatment for bed bugs and other insects is a complicated process that involves both regular insect control and high-tech heat treatment for maximum results. Each session is split into four stages, so let’s review those in more detail below:

  • SurveyDuring your first visit, we will send a specialist for a thorough survey of all affected areas in your property. To avoid accidental property damage, the technician will also give you advice on which items you should remove from the room before the actual heat treatment, such as wax items, synthetics, or electronic equipment. Finally, the expert will apply a potent insecticide spray.
  • TreatmentThe actual heat treatment will commence 2 to 3 days after the survey. In order to perform the service, the technician will bring special pest control heat treatment equipment. To put it simply, it consists of a diesel fuelled heater that raises and maintains the room temperature at a constant 56°C. The expert will stand by at all times to monitor the temperature levels and to make sure that the system works properly. Note that the length of your service will depend on the size and number of rooms which will be treated.

Don’t forget: Clothes, books and other delicate items should be removed before the session begins.

  • ObservationAs part of your guarantee, the same pro will arrive 2 weeks later for an after care inspection. If requested, the specialist can apply another layer of preventive spray at no additional cost as soon as he’s made sure that pesky pests no longer inhabit your home.
  • Proofing and PreventionWith the whole property pest-proofed and treated, the professional will stay just a tad longer to provide you with handy tips on how to keep your home safe from potential future infestations.

Why Opt for Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Our heat treatment for bed bugs is not just a fancier term for “insecticides”. Instead of administering pesticides, this method eliminates even the most resilient of insects by leaving them severely dehydrated. Here are a few more reasons to choose this new form of treatment:

  • It’s fast: In combination with an insecticide spray, this method will leave your property completely insect-free in just 2 visits;
  • It’s convenient: Our heat treatment for bed bugs is covered by a 3-month guarantee and the pro will do a follow-up inspection two weeks after treatment
  • It saves time: Due to the lack of insecticides and chemical residues, you can re-enter your property as soon as the treatment is over;
  • It’s insured: All work is covered by a comprehensive public liability insurance of up to 1 million GBP.

We Can Eliminate a Wide Variety of Insects

Besides providing expert bed bugs & flea treatment, we can also remove many other pests that tend to frequent so many households in the UK. For instance, the expert can chase away:

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