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Flea Pest ControlFleas usually infest human-inhabited properties by being brought in either by people or pet animals. It’s hard to spot them due their small size but you can surely feel their presence as their bites will bring you a world of hurt. Also, if you notice that your cat or dog is scratching uncontrollably, then you should take immediate measures. Fantastic Pest Control will gladly provide you with an effective flea control London service.

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You can easily eliminate the threat of bloodthirsty fleas with the help of Fantastic Pest Control – soon your flea fumigator will be on his way to:

  • SurveyThe professional flea exterminator will come to your property at a day and time that suit you best. He will carefully examine the property to figure out the type and level of infestation. Then he will get to work.
  • TreatmentThe flea fumigation treatment usually requires a single visit. Your Fantastic pest control expert will spray affected areas with an insecticide, effectively eradicating any fleas in the process. The insecticide used in our flea fumigation London has a prolonged active period that stretches out to around three months. In other words, fleas won’t bother you again any time soon.
  • ObservationWhen full treatment service is booked, your fantastic flea exterminator can return upon request after some time to examine your property again. This way he will determine if the initial treatment was fully effective. In case there is still any flea activity, then you are eligible for up to two additional flea fumigation treatments for free which can be requested within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment.
  • Proofing & PreventionAt the end the technicians will offer you some helpful advice on how to avoid any future troubles with fleas.
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  • Not Hourly-Based – That’s right, the professional flea extermination service for your property in London is not hourly-based, meaning the technician will work until the treatment is completed.
  • Perfectly Safe – Fantastic Pest Control uses very effective pesticides and insecticides that are safe for people and pets.
  • Same-Day Emergency Treatment – You can even arrange a visit by a pest control expert for the same day.
  • Flexible Scheduling Options – Choose the exact day and time for pest control fleas fumigation.
  • Customer Support 24/7 – Get a free quote for a flea extermination cost and additional info from our friendly customer care staff.
  • Discounts for Multiple Services – Receive a special discount when you combine flea treatment with some of our other services – bed bugs control or ants treatment, for example.
  • Disinfection and Sanitation – Request a cleaning team to sanitise treated areas at a special rate, 5 days after the flea treatment

Flea Infestation Interactive Map

The interactive map shows which areas of the capital we’ve treated most for flea infestations during the years.
London City of Westminster Hammersmith and Fulham Lambeth Brent Ealing Enfield Kensington and Chelsea Waltham Forest City of London Hackney Islington Camden Haringey Barnet Hillingdon Harrow Hounslow Kingston upon Thames Wandsworth Merton Sutton Richmond upon Thames Redbridge Southwark Tower Hamlets Newham Greenwich Barking and Dagenham Lewisham Bexley Bromley Croydon Havering

Additional Information about Fleas

Some Useful Flea Fumigation Instructions

  1. Before flea fumigation takes place, remove any pet animals from the property including fish and other tank-dwelling creatures.
  2. Hoover all area of the property that are affected.
  3. When the flea control treatment begins, leave the property.
  4. Let the place stay empty for at least two hours so the insecticide can settle.
  5. When you return, air out the entire place for about ten minutes.
  6. It would be best if you don’t hoover/wash the treated areas for at least five days.

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