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In case a fly is bugging you, it bugs you good! And the only thing worse is a whole cluster of flies. In case you are experiencing such problems at your property, then you need to figure out what is attracting the flies to your place. And an effective way to deal with the situation would be to book an expert fly control service in London!

S.T.O.P. The Flies With Fantastic Pest Control

Book a professional pest exterminator for your property from Fantastic Pest Control for a cluster fly treatment and you can consider the annoying flying insects dealt with. Your London cluster fly treatment will consist of the following four major steps:

  • SurveyThose flies are unusually active around your place for a reason. The flies pest control specialist sent to your place will thoroughly poke around your property to determine what is causing this unusual infestation.
  • TreatmentThe pest control flies expert will apply an insecticide on various surfaces around your property. It has an instant knock-down effect meaning all flies around will perish in no time. The insecticide has a prolonged residual effect (about three months) so you can be sure the nasty flying bugs like flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ladybirds, booklice, along with their maggots and eggs, won’t return any time soon.
  • ObservationIn case you booked a guaranteed service, you get up to two additional house fly control sessions for free within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment. So if the initial treatment didn’t take care of the flies, your Fantastic Pest Control specialist can return upon request and take further measures.
  • Proofing & PreventionAt the end of your Fantastic Pest Control flies service, the exterminator will offer you some useful advice on how you can avoid future problems with flies and other flying insects. The technician will also prepare a full report for the completed treatment. Keep in mind we also offer moth control service.
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  • Not Hourly-Based – The exterminator will work until completion of your flies treatment.
  • Human-Safe Pest Control Methods – Fantastic Pest Control uses effective insecticides that are harmless to people and pet animals.
  • Same-Day Emergency Treatment – In case the situation is absolutely dire, then you can resort to an emergency pest control session.
  • Flexible Booking Slots – A Fantastic pest exterminator can visit your property whenever it is most convenient for you, weekends and evenings included.
  • Sanitation and Disinfection – At a special rate upon request we can send a cleaning team 5 days after the pest control service to treat the affected rooms.

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What To Do Before And After Your Fly Or Mosquito Control London Service

  1. Take away all pet animals from the premises. This includes fish as well.
  2. Hoover areas affected by flies.
  3. Leave the property while the treatment takes place.
  4. The property must remain empty for at least two hours after treatment.
  5. When you return, air out all rooms for at least ten minutes.
  6. Do not hoover treated areas for at least five days.
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