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Bed Bug TreatmentIt can be tricky to spot a bed bug infestation as these creatures occupy small crevices, such as the ones provided by your bed and other pieces of furniture around your home. Once you’re sure your property is infested, it’s extremely important to take immediate actions as bed bugs can cause serious health problems like skin rashes and allergies. Fantastic Pest Control will be happy to help you deal with your problem, and make sure you and your family are safe.

Put a S.T.O.P. to the Bed Bug Infestation!

Now you can easily put an end to the annoying pest presence. Call today and get a comprehensive bed bug control service that will eradicate the harmful insects once and for all. It’s all done in four major steps.

  • bed bug signsSurveyYour Fantastic Pest Control specialist will carefully inspect your property to determine the specific type of pest and level of infestation by using sticky traps and/or monitoring stations. This is key to successfully eliminating the threat of bed bugs.
  • TreatmentThe bed bug treatment itself is carried out over two visits, about two weeks apart. On the first visit your pest controller will use a specialised insecticide with up to 100% knockdown effect. Any present bed bugs and their eggs will perish very soon.

    There’s also the heat treatment option where we raise up and maintain the temperature in the affected room to 56°C, which is more than enough to eradicate every single bed bug and its eggs within minutes. This method has an efficiency of 100%.
  • ObservationIf you choose our full treatment (which is highly recommended), the technician will return 2 weeks after the initial treatment. During the second visit he will observe the results from the first spraying and apply another pest control formula that has a prolonged residual effect so the place will be protected for an extended period of time. You can also request 1 more visit for free within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment, if needed.
  • Proofing and PreventionThe pest exterminator will offer you advice on prevention of future bed bug infestations.
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  • This Service Is Not Hourly-Based – Your Fantastic Pest Exterminator will work until the full treatment is completed;
  • Human-Safe Pest Control Formulas – Fantastic Pest Control resorts to highly effective insecticides that are otherwise completely safe for people and pets;
  • Same-Day Treatment – In case of an emergency you can call in a pest exterminator right away;
  • Flexible Booking Options – Choose a day and time that suit you best for a visit and that’s when your Fantastic Pest Controller will visit your property;
  • Sanitation and Disinfection – At a special rate upon request we can send a cleaning team 5 days after the pest control service to treat the affected rooms.

Bed Bugs Infestation Interactive Map

Bed bugs are a global problem. But how are they doing locally? Well, our brand new London interactive map of pest infestations can give you an idea.
London City of Westminster Hammersmith and Fulham Lambeth Brent Ealing Enfield Kensington and Chelsea Waltham Forest City of London Hackney Islington Camden Haringey Barnet Hillingdon Harrow Hounslow Kingston upon Thames Wandsworth Merton Sutton Richmond upon Thames Redbridge Southwark Tower Hamlets Newham Greenwich Barking and Dagenham Lewisham Bexley Bromley Croydon Havering

Additional Information about Bed Bugs

Be Advised – What To Do Before And After Treatment

Before the bed bug treatment, it would be best if you:

  1. Remove any pet animals from the property, including fish and other tank dwellers.
  2. Remove all bedding (and clothing) from the room that requires treatment, wash sheets and pillowcases with hot water (60-90’C).
  3. Remove items from under the beds such as suitcases and travel bags – that’s where bed bugs love to hide.
  4. If possible, hoover all areas of the affected room, including the mattresses on both sides.
  5. Reposition any furniture in the room so the pest exterminator can treat around the skirting boards of the room.
  6. When the treatment starts leave the room (or even the floor if possible) to avoid inhaling the pest control formula that is being applied.

After treatment:

  1. When the treatment is over, leave the property for at least two hours to allow the insecticide to settle.
  2. Air out the property when you return for about five to ten minutes.
  3. Do not hoover (or mop) treated areas for at least five days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If possible, sleep in the same room that night after treatment to draw out any bed bugs. This way you will lure them and the pesticide will do its trick.

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