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The so called woodworm are actually larvae of certain wood-boring beetles. Some signs of infestation include little exit holes and tunnel-like marks in the wood, as well as boredust and beetle carcases around furniture and woodwork. In case your property has been infested, contact our London pest control company for an effective London woodworm treatment service.

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Now you can take advantage of a professional service that deals with woodworm eradication. This way you can be absolutely certain the woodwork at your home and workplace will be protected against these wood-craving insects. Your woodworm removal service will be carried out in four main stages:

  • SurveyFantastic Pest Control will send a seasoned specialist to your place who will handle the situation. First, he will carefully examine the areas that are affected by woodworm to determine the level of infestation and assess the damage. Then he will proceed with the actual treatment.
  • TreatmentIt’s best to replace woodwork that has been affected significantly by the woodworm activity. In addition, the pest control technician will inject a solution in the base of anything timber-based at your property. It will repel all wood-boring beetles from the woodwork, and it has a remarkably long residual effect!
  • ObservationIf you book a guaranteed service, then you get up to two additional woodworm pest control sessions for your home or workplace in London in case the pesky intruders continue to bug you. Your pest control technician can visit you again upon request to observe the results of the first treatment and perform second one, if needed
  • Proofing & PreventionAt the end of the service, your Fantastic Pest Control officer will give you a written report for the service. He will also share with you some useful advice on how to protect your property from woodworm infestations in the future.

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Additional Information about Woodworm

Learn More About Your Woodworm Treatment London

  • It’s Not Hourly-Based: Meaning your Fantastic pest controller will work until all work is carried out diligently.
  • Human- and Pet-Safe Pest Control Methods: Fantastic Pest Control utilises highly effective insecticides and pesticides that are otherwise entirely safe for people and pet animals.
  • Same-Day Emergency Treatment: And if things are entirely out of control, don’t wait! Make the call and your woodworm removal specialist will be on his way.
  • Flexible Work Hours: You can choose the exact day and time for a service.
  • Amazing Discounts: You can save money if you combine woodworm treatment with some of the other pest control services we provide.
  • Disinfection and Sanitation: Receive special rates when booking a cleaner to sanitize the area 5 days after the treatment

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