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Pest Control in Rochdale

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  • Using child- and pet-safe methods
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The Rochdale pest controller will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

First, the pest controller will carefully check for damages, stains, marks, etc., which have been caused by the pest. Only by doing so, the specialist will be able to determine the exact type of vermin infesting your property and the extent of the issue.
Step two involves carrying out the treatment itself. The pest control technician will use a wide array of solutions and gear which will make quick work of the pests, and will effectively force any future invaders to turn around and seek another shelter.
The pest technician will give you instructions to ensure that no more vermin are breeding at your home or commercial venue. Note that you can get up to two visits, free of charge, within 3 months, if you purchase a guaranteed service from us.
At the end of the treatment the professional will advise you on how to limit the possibility of a secondary infestation. Sometimes even a small change of habbit can make the difference.

Pest Control in Rochdale for Local Homes and Offices

When you hear suspicious noises coming from your loft in the middle of the night or when you notice a musky smell in your basement, then a mice or rat infestation might be going on at your property. If you notice such signs, then take advantage of our local pest control in Rochdale. And keep in mind that we can help you with insect infestation as well. Be it cockroaches, bed bugs or angry wasps – no problem, we can easily take care of them for you.

The local exterminators in your area adhere to our proven process to get rid of any pest. This includes:

Interesting Facts and Stats about Pests in Rochdale

#1 BedBugs: bed bugs are bare to be spotted and identified. That's why we send a pest exterminator in order to identify the type and size of the infestation. For the past year in the Rochdale area, we've received more than 700 requests and treated the properties against bed bugs
#2 Fleas: a single flea can lay up to 1 500 eggs in their lifespan. And their lifetime continues up to 3 months. So, imagine how fast the infestation can exceed if not treated on time. Fantastic Flea exterminators in Rochdale managed to treat more than 1 000 homes and business buildings against fleas in only 12 months.
#3 Rats: one rat is able to give birth to 20 baby rats. Similarly to fleas, rats can reproduce extremely fast and you can lose control over the situation. More than 600 people contacted us for the past year because of excessive rat infestations in Rochdale.
#4 Birds: urban birds such as pigeons can cause huge structural damages on the property. Not only that but they can also carry bird mites which can actually bite humans as females feed on blood. We installed spikes and nets on more than 200 properties in order to get rid of pigeons in Rochdale for the last few months.

See How Our Pest Control Differs From the Council's

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Rochdale Council

You don't pay for rescheduling if you inform us in advance.

You pay a re-booking fee no matter when you decide to reschedule.

Cancellations are not charged unless you inform us too late.

You pay a cancellation fee no matter when you cancel the service

We have an effective fly control procedure

Do not treat properties against flies

We can offer heat treatment for homes and businesses.

The council doesn't do heat treatment for insects.

Have a Look at Our Frequently Requested Pest Removal Services

  • Bed Bug Extermination

    The bed bug treatment in Rochdale is usually comprised of a few visits by your local pro. That is because bed bugs manage to develop resistance to chemicals quite fast, which is why we will use several potent ones in the span of a few weeks. On the first visit, the pest technician will spray with a potent insecticide that will kill the majority of the infestation. And on the second and next visits, the bed bug exterminator will apply a range of products that will protect your family and home for many months to come.

  • Heat Treatment Service

    The new heat treatment service can target any severe insect infestation such as bed bugs, moths, carpet beetles, fleas and more. It is designed to kill off an entire insect population along with their eggs. The treatment is done by heating an infested room to 56°C - this is the optimal temperature that kills off any adult bed bugs and their eggs but doesn't damage your property or belongings. If all else fails, book our guaranteed heat treatment procedure.

  • Rodent Treatments

    When seeking optimal results, choose our mouse control. The local rodent specialist will use a potent, but safe pesticide to lure all rats or mice out of their hiding spots and into the strategically placed traps. He will also seal all small tunnels that the animals use to get in and out of your property with wire wool, expanding foam, and sealants. 

  • Solutions For Your Business

    If your business is situated in Rochdale, then you can rely on Fantastic Pest Control to respond quickly whenever you are being harassed by pests. One of our first lines of the defence includes the so-called fogging, where the specialist will treat all surfaces with a special ULV machine in order to make your premises unappealing for any rodents, insects, or squirrels. He can also perform:

    - Bird control: Spikes, nets and occasionally fire gels will be used to scare the birds away from your rooftops.

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Prompt Pest Control Treatments in Rochdale and Beyond

Feeling cornered by the pests? Your commercial facility or household is safe in the hands of the pest control expert near you, who can provide you with an emergency extermination. That's right – just tell us your location and the specialist will be there in less than three hours to sort out the situation in the time it takes you to go out for a walk.

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