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Pest Control in Forest of Dean

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The local pest exterminator will check all the affected areas at your home or commercial facility to identify the type of vermin and confirm the scale of the infestation. This will help him devise the most effective pest management plan and choose a suitable anti-pest product.

Our treatment methods against pests may include: dusting or spraying with insecticides; placing monitoring stations against ants and termites; applying fumigants; setting up traps or using endoscopic cameras if you have rats or mice, placing gel baits against roaches, as well as using bird repellent devices.

Our advice is that you carefully observe your property for an extended period of time after the initial visit to ensure that there are no signs of residual pest activity. Of course, if you notice any, just get in touch with us again.

To avoid future vermin infestations, we recommend that you follow the Fantastic expert’s pest proofing advice. He will explain to you in detail the dos and don’ts you should consider, in order to protect your property against the same vermin. You will also receive a written service report, which will contain important information.



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Clients in Forest of Dean can count on our proven fast response whenever they are in urgent need of professional anti-pest treatment. You can expect us within just a few hours of your call if you also reside in the locations below:

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