What Bugs Cause Allergic Reactions


For some people household pests can be more than just annoying. If you are one of the many thousands of allergy sufferers or someone with respiratory problems pests in your home can be very hazardous for your health.

Children or young adults are also more likely to develop allergies when in regular contact with some household pests. With symptoms ranging from a runny nose to more life threatening anaphylaxis shock it’s vital to keep pests to a minimum. Let’s look at some of the more common pests and health problems that can result from an invasion.

What bugs cause allergic reactions?

Health Problems Caused by Dust Mites

The cause of your problem if you suffer with a dust mite allergy is the proteins that are contained in the droppings and dead bodies of any dust mites in your home. When they enter your body they can trigger an allergic reaction which results in inflammation in your nose, lungs and eyes. Regular exposure will increase the symptoms and cause long lasting damage to your health.

Health Problems Caused by Cockroaches

If you suffer from a cockroach allergy it’s their faeces, saliva and dead bodies that are the root of the problem. Asthma sufferers are far more likely to have an increase in symptoms and will be troubled by itchy skin, throat, nose and eyes and well as increased problems with breathing. Cockroaches have even been known to trigger an asthma attack.

Health Problems Caused by Bees

If you have a bee allergy this can be life threatening should you be stung. Sufferers always carry medication in the form of an epinephrine shot. You can actually reduce the likelihood of being stung by taking a few precautions. Brush them off your body rather than trying to swat them, don’t wear bright clothing and use powerful perfumes and don’t expose your skin if at all possible when outside.

There are plenty of treatments available both over the counter and from a doctor, but the most effective way of dealing with any symptoms is remove the problem. If you’re suffering from a pest infestation don’t be tempted to tackle it yourself. Reduce the chances of it by calling for professional help straight away.

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