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Fun with Bugs

A Spooky Yet Spectacular Halloween Spider

halloween spiders and pests
It’s common to see spiders, bats, and worms on your doorstep during Halloween, either as trick-or-treaters or as scary decorations. Meanwhile, homeowners should also be on the lookout for real-life creepy crawlies this fall. Wolf spiders, to be ... Read More

Beneficial Garden Insects – 3 Bugs That Help Your Plants Thrive

biological pest control
Few people – other than entomologists, of course – will say that they love bugs. Even so, not all insects are created equal, particularly those that live in gardens. Some only pass through, while others like to stay and help – polli ... Read More

The 5 Coolest and Rarest British Insects You Can Encounter This Summer

Waterfly on a flower dark image
Our island is home to some of the most amazing yet often overlooked creatures on the planet. There are over 24,000 species in the UK alone, making them one of the most diverse and ecologically important groups. This summer, keep your eyes open for th ... Read More

Honey Bees: Extinction Effects and Facts

What’s the Difference Between Wasps, Bees and Hornets
Being stung by a bee will hurt, but losing the bees forever can be even more painful. It may be hard to see why bees are so important to us, but actually, one of every three bites of food you take comes from a pollinated plant or an animal that depen ... Read More

21 Ant Species With Real Superpowers

Extraordinary ant species
We live in an age where the concept of superpowers has rapidly evolved from underground stacks of nerdy comics to an entire subculture that fills cinemas in the blink of an eye. But wouldn’t it be neat if lightning-fast reflexes or inhuman strength ... Read More

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