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Did You Crawl?

When is Spider Season in the UK and How To Prepare

spider season in the UK
If you’re curious about when is spider season in the UK and want to know how to keep the crawlies from invading your home, you are reading the right article. Here we will provide answers for those who are puzzled as to why they suddenly see so ... Read More

How to prepare for bed bug heat treatment

bed bug on a mattress
Heat treatment is the most effective method of getting rid of bed bugs. The high temperature (above 56C) destroys bed bugs regardless of their life stage, including their eggs. Additionally, it is less time-consuming than chemical treatments. Bed bug ... Read More

Most Common Wood Boring Insects in the UK

Wood destroyed by wood boring insects
The sighting of wood boring beetles can be common, particularly in older buildings. While their presence can cause concern, nearly all wood-destroying beetles that inhabit the UK can be treated. If you are considering any treatment, you need to deter ... Read More

How to Spot a False Widow Spider

Noble false widow spider macro image
We often encounter unwanted eight-legged guests in our homes. But across the UK, there is one specific type of spider we are particularly interested in. The false widow spiders form a group of similar-looking species (Steatoda nobilis, Steatoda gross ... Read More

Most Common Questions About Bed Bugs – Answered!

bugs that look like bed bugs
Bed bugs have been a pest known thorough history, and even in modern days, they’re still a bother for a number of households. The Fantastic Pest Control team has helped thousands of London property owners to get rid of the infestation, and it’s b ... Read More

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