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What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

how to choose a pest control company
Integrated pest managements is a complex program that combines methods and practices for eco-friendly and effective pest control. Read more. Read More

Differences Between Wasps, Bees and Hornets and How to Identify Them

What’s the Difference Between Wasps, Bees and Hornets
We’ve all had to deal with a stinging insect at least once in our lifetime. The most common ones are bees, wasps, and hornets, but what is the difference between them and how does that have any influence on us as their victims? These different inse ... Read More

How are Spiders Beneficial in Pest Control? What Do Spiders Eat?

Spider on a web in a garden - macro image
Last update: 03.08.2020 Spiders are not a pleasant sight to see at home, however, something not many people appreciate is the fact that spiders can often be described as nature’s pest control. In recent years it’s been growing popularity in leavi ... Read More

Pest Control When Renting: Who’s Responsible?

professional pest control
Whether the infestation is from rats, mice, cockroaches, or bed bugs, who is responsible for pest control when renting in the UK is a bit of a grey area sometimes. There are many reasons and ways pests can be introduced into a property. Sometimes it ... Read More

False Alarm! Bugs that Look Like Bed Bugs

bugs that look like bed bugs
You peacefully lay on your bed, just minding your own business… when suddenly, you feel something crawling up your left forearm. You immediately bolt off the bed, convinced that you’ve just had an unpleasantly close first encounter with a bed bug ... Read More

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