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keep your pets pest-free

How to Keep Your Pet Pest-Free This Summer

Everyone enjoys spending time outside in the summer, including your pets. Even though it can be joyful to play with them outdoors, summer activities can also pose some concerns for pet owners. Bugs on your dog may lead to bugs in your home, for examp ... Read More
Cat eating

The Rise of Pet Cremation – All Questions Answered

In recent years, fewer people have considered placing the remains of their dearest pets in pet graveyards and instead opt for pet cremation. However, there is a lot more to know about the existence of an animal corpse in your home than just the tragi ... Read More
how to get rid of rats in the attick

6 Reasons Why Rats Make Good Pets

Rats. When most people hear this word, their mind conjures up images of disease and plague-ridden rodents scurrying around in the dark. For others, rats are adorable, intelligent, and loving bundles of furry joy. Read More
tom the cat

Meet Tom – The Purr-fect Answer to London’s Squeaking Problem

It was in the fateful summer of 2014 when Mario, a professional pest technician, received an irresistible gift from his thoughtful friends – a disarmingly cute kitten. Read More
A happy family with golden retriever in the park

How to Protect Your Pets from a Flea Treatment Poisoning?

Severe brain damage, seizures, heart attack. That may sound like a well-scripted nightmare, but believe it or not, it’s simply what regular flea treatment was like for 1,600 pets over the last five years. Read More

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