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Cat eating

Can Cats Guard Your Home Against Pest Invasions?

Today, the modern feline pet is a lazy and spoiled furball we all love to pet and snuggle with (even if they don’t want to). But we all know that cats are very good hunters, especially for the most unwanted pests in people’s homes – rats an ... Read More
how to get rid of stink bugs

How to Guard Your Home Against Stink Bugs?

With autumn upon us, many people have begun preparing themselves and their homes for winter. But it is not only humans that are in preparation mode, a lot of insects are also looking for somewhere warm and dry to live until the winter months pass. Read More
Cat eating

The Rise of Pet Cremation – All Questions Answered

In recent years, fewer people have considered placing the remains of their dearest pets in pet graveyards and instead opt for pet cremation. However, there is a lot more to know about the existence of an animal corpse in your home than just the tragi ... Read More
2016 Most Pest Infested Boroughs in London - Case Study

London Pest Infestation in 2016: Industry Statistics, Analysis and Trends

Read More
tom the cat

Meet Tom – The Purr-fect Answer to London’s Squeaking Problem

It was in the fateful summer of 2014 when Mario, a professional pest technician, received an irresistible gift from his thoughtful friends – a disarmingly cute kitten. Read More

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