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horrifying zombie ant

Horrifying Zombie Ants – It’s a Real Thing

The morning dew drips slowly outside your window. As the sun rises, you wake up, yawn, and stretch your legs. The overtime you had yesterday at work pins you down to your bed, with a bit of a headache on the side, but you make an effort to sit up sin ... Read More
what bugs cause allergic reactions

What Bugs Cause Allergic Reactions

For some people, household pests can be more than just annoying. If you are one of the many thousands of allergy sufferers or someone with respiratory problems, pests in your home can be very hazardous to your health. Read More
Spider on a web in a garden - macro image

UK Spiders – Dangerous or Beautiful?

Spiders are beautiful and critical to our environment, yet they still happen to be one of the most dreaded critters in the world. In fairness – it goes against your instinct to like something that bites, no matter how many pests they rid your garde ... Read More
Myths about pest - infografic

[Infographic] Myths and Facts About Pests

Would you like to know more about the uninvited guests you are sharing your home with? Read More

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