Giant Insects of the World

Are you sure you want to read this? You actually clicked the link?
We were going to title this article, “Nightmare Fuel,” or “Eeeekkkkkk!!!” But you’re here so we might as well do this. Here are a collection of the largest insects in the world. See…we told you not to read this, but come along now.

Titan Beetle

Titan beetle in hand

Yes, that’s a beetle as large as a child’s torso. It’s the Titan Beetle indigenous to the Amazon Rain Forest. It can snap a pencil in half. Oh, and it hisses. You’re welcome.

Giant Weta

giant weta in hand

That is not a child’s hand. This it the giant weta native to New Zealand, clearly a leftover from Middle Earth. They can weigh more than a sparrow.

Tarantula Hawk

tarantula hawk

Meet the Tarantula Hawk. It can indeed kill tarantulas. Its legs hook into its victims. The stinger is over an inch long. Oh, and the sting is rated among the most painful in the world.

Giant Isopod

giant isopod

No, giant isopod! Please, don’t eat the kitten! This distant relative of the woodlouse is known to scavenge on dead whales and fish in the sea.

Giant Camel Spider

Even the most seasoned Fantastic Pest Control employee gets squeamish with this one. The Giant camel spider is a hunter who can run up to 10 miles an hour and has powerful jaws.

Atlas Moth

atlas moth

Atlas Moths aren’t too bad. This beautiful creature is native to Southeast Asia and the wingspan can be up to 12 inches.

Long-legged Katydid

Armoured Ground Cricket

Okay, the giant long-legged katydids of Malaysia are pretty precious. This plant eater is harmless and is sometimes kept as a pet.

Walking Stick

Phasmatodea Insect

The giant walking stick can grow up to 150mm and is another friendly herbivore. Well, maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.

Japanese Hornet

Giant Japanese Hornet
What is that?! Why would you put that on your hand? It’s the giant Japanese Hornet. It kills an average of 40 people a year and can chase you for up to three miles! Why would nature need that monster?

Ugh. See, we told you not to read this article.

Images Source: 1.Titan beetle on Wikipedia, 2. Giant Weta, 3. Tarantula Hawk , 4. Damien du Toit, 5. Wildcat Dunny, 6. Cricket, 7. Australian walking stick, 8. Giant Japanese Hornet

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