[Quiz] What Pest Are You Based on Your Personality?

Just like people, animals differ in character and behaviour. Same goes for pests. These characteristics can be frighteningly close to human emotions. Ready to learn what you have in common with your basic house infestation? Continue only if you dare.…

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Home Remedies for Bug Bites and Sunburn That Actually Work

home remedies for bugbites and sunburn

Author: zetat/shutterstock.com

In summer, flowers bloom, birds sing and bugs bite more than in any other season. Not just that, but the sun is not especially merciful to the skin either.…

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches by Yourself (before you give up)

Certain animal species are called “natural survivors”. Cockroaches are one example. Not only are they able to live in all kinds of environmental conditions, but they also have a huge reproduction rate.

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What Is a Lovebug (and How to Get Rid of It)?

lovebugs mating

Since it’s the month of love, we at Fantastic Pest Control decided to pay attention to a particular pest that reminds us of Valentine’s Day, namely – the lovebug.

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London Pest Infestation in 2016: Industry Statistics, Analysis and Trends

2016 Most Pest Infested Boroughs in London - Case Study
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How to Get Rid of Woodworm in the Furniture

Although more rare than cockroaches or rodents, woodworms are amongst the most destructive household pests.

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Honey Bees: Extinction Effects and Facts

beehive full of bees

Being stung by a bee will hurt, but losing the bees forever can be even more painful.

It may be hard to see why bees are so important to us

but actually one of every three bites of food you …

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[Quiz] Fantastic Pests and Where to Find Them


Dozens of different pests lurk around in the middle of the night, with eyes on your house. You may not have Newt Scamander’s magical suitcase to trap them in, but there is something else you can put into use: the …

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21 Ant Species With Real Superpowers

Extraordinary ant species

We live in an age where the concept of superpowers has rapidly evolved from underground stacks of nerdy comics to an entire subculture that fills cinemas in the blink of an eye.

But wouldn’t it be neat if lightning-fast reflexes …

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Meet Tom – The Purr-fect Answer to London’s Squeaking Problem

Tom the Cat


It was in the fateful summer of 2014 when Mario, a professional pest technician, received an irresistible gift from his thoughtful friends – a disarmingly cute kitten. …

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