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When is Spider Season in the UK and How To Prepare

spider season in the UK
If you’re curious about when is spider season in the UK and want to know how to keep the crawlies from invading your home, you are reading the right article. Here we will provide answers for those who are puzzled as to why they suddenly see so ... Read More

How to Tell What Kind of Animal is in Your Attic

attic pest infestation
There is a sound like someone is walking in my attic – are there unfamiliar sounds emanating from your attic? You are right to be concerned, as scratching and similar noises may indicate rodents or other wildlife taking up residence in your lof ... Read More

How to Tell How Many Rats Are in Your House

pest infestation loft
Rats are cunning creatures, so assessing the severity of an infestation can often be difficult. Counting the number of rats in your home is not straightforward, as they typically hide from people. However, you can use various other methods to estimat ... Read More

What Happens if You Disturb a Rats Nest?

rat nest
Spotting a rat scurrying around your home or business can be distressing, but a rat’s nest can be even more alarming. Rat nests can pose a fire hazard because they are often made up of flammable materials such as paper and cloth. Besides causing si ... Read More

How do I know if my dog has fleas?

scratching dog
We’ve all heard of fleas. Some of us have even had the bad luck of actually “meeting them in person”, and it’s never a fun time. These small blood-sucking insects can be a real nuisance to both you and your furry pets.  So, you’ve been ... Read More

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