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How To Avoid Cockroaches When Moving

Cockroach on the edge of a table
Moving out of a cockroach-infested home and wanting to leave the past behind? Roaches can travel from house to house and to avoid bringing them into your new home, you’ll need a strategy. Read More

8 Little-Known Signs Of Cat Fleas to Help You Identify a Flea Infestation

signs of cat fleas
Pests always go after what you love most – your food, sleep, house and, worse, your pets! Yes, fleas will go really far in making your and your cat’s lives miserable, and they can be surprisingly good at staying out of sight. Read More

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Attic

Macro image of rats on the edge of a table
You hear the scratching and scurrying at night. The munching, clawing, and quiet chirping keeps you awake. You’ve got rats in the attic. From one home-owner to another, here are the best tips on ridding your attic of rats. Read More

Overcome Arachnophobia with the Following Tips

how to get over arachnophobia
This petrifying fear is a lot more common in Western societies than it is in the East. Read More

UK Spiders – Dangerous or Beautiful?

Spider on a web in a garden - macro image
Spiders are beautiful and critical to our environment, yet they still happen to be one of the most dreaded critters in the world. In fairness – it goes against your instinct to like something that bites, no matter how many pests they rid your garde ... Read More

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