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Honey Bees: Extinction Effects and Facts

What’s the Difference Between Wasps, Bees and Hornets
Being stung by a bee will hurt, but losing the bees forever can be even more painful. It may be hard to see why bees are so important to us, but actually, one of every three bites of food you take comes from a pollinated plant or an animal that depen ... Read More

21 Ant Species With Real Superpowers

Extraordinary ant species
We live in an age where the concept of superpowers has rapidly evolved from underground stacks of nerdy comics to an entire subculture that fills cinemas in the blink of an eye. But wouldn’t it be neat if lightning-fast reflexes or inhuman strength ... Read More

Meet Tom – The Purr-fect Answer to London’s Squeaking Problem

tom the cat
It was in the fateful summer of 2014 when Mario, a professional pest technician, received an irresistible gift from his thoughtful friends – a disarmingly cute kitten. Read More

Horrifying Zombie Ants – It’s a Real Thing

horrifying zombie ant
The morning dew drips slowly outside your window. As the sun rises, you wake up, yawn, and stretch your legs. The overtime you had yesterday at work pins you down to your bed, with a bit of a headache on the side, but you make an effort to sit up sin ... Read More

Do You Really Swallow Spiders in Your Sleep?

Spider on a spider web in a garden
All of us have heard at one time or another that every year, the average person swallows 8 spiders… but is it true??? Although the eight-legged creatures aren’t likely to crawl into your mouth, there is, however, still a terrifying possibility th ... Read More

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