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Pest Control in Worthing

  • Thorough pest inspection before treatment
  • COSHH-approved products
  • Emergency treatments availability
  • Online and phone support available 7 days a week

Fantastic Pest Control will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

The local pest exterminator will first inspect your property for all signs of pest activity. This will allow him to assess the extent of the infestation and determine the appropriate treatment.
Anti-pest treatment will be applied safely and effectively. A vermin control program may include sealing entry points (rats, mice, squirrels), applying insecticides, utilizing vermin repellent techniques (birds), fogging, etc.
Your local professional will give you instructions on how to ensure that no more vermin breed in your home or commercial establishment. If you purchase a guaranteed service from us, you can get up to two free visits within 3 months.
Follow the proofing tips and suggestions of your service provider to protect your property against pest recurrences. You will also receive some post-service safety information from him.

Get the Right Pest Control Service for Your Domestic or Commercial Property in Worthing

  • Rat and mice control

    Fantastic Pest Control in Worthing provides expert rodent control services, which can be booked at a convenient time for you. The local pest franchisee near your area will be sent, hence you can count on his expedient and short-notice response. The experienced pest technician will inspect every corner of your property and come up with an effective pest management plan.

  • Wasp removal

    We recommend that you don’t attempt to deal with angry wasps by yourself but get a local pest control specialist to assist you. Our wasp control methods render guaranteed results and ensure your family’s safety. The local technician will use effectively a professional insecticidal product, which affects the nervous system of the insects. 

  • Bed bugs control

    Why spend another sleepless night wondering whether your bed has been infested with fleas, bed bugs, dust mites or any other crawly critters? Just call Fantastic Pest Control and count on a COSHH-approved, experienced insect control specialist in Worthing to identify the type of bug and eliminate the infestation for you. If you book a bed bugs treatment with us, you get at least two visits for optimum results.

  • Commercial pest control

    We will provide you with fast and effective insect control, rodent extermination and bird repellent treatment for your business property or public facility. Call us now and get your discreet and cost-effective office pest management solutions that can be applied to any type of business environment, no matter how dynamic it may be. With Fantastic Pest Control, you can rest assured knowing that all our work will comply with the requirements of your business and that of your loyal clients.

Hire now your Experienced Local Pest Exterminator in Worthing

With Fantastic Pest Control in Worthing, you can take advantage of an extensive range of solutions against any type of a pest infestation. We provide different pest control options, from emergency treatments to multiple-visits pest extermination services. The teams of certified pest technicians are qualified and certified to use the latest pesticidal products and techniques against rodents and insects if they have infested your home or business facility.

They perform our services in your simple steps: assessment, treatment, observation and proofing. In order to request a professional inspection or find out more about our services, just check our easy-to-fill online form or get in touch with us by phone.

Did You Know That We Cover Neighboring Regions as Well?

It’s incredible how fast pests can spread in a man-made environment. To curb this tendency, the local pest control provider has expanded his reach to include several other neighbouring regions in addition to the Worthing area. The specialist has the training and the tools to arrive for an emergency treatment (about one to two hours after you make a booking) in any of the following areas:

Postcode coverage: BN11 BN12 BN13 BN14 BN15 BN99 PO22

Other locations we cover nearby Worthing

Royal society for public health
Prompt Verified
Ofqual Regulated
Qualifications wales organization
Council for the curriculum examinations and assessment

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