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This is the first step of the pest control session during which the exterminator will check every corner and all crevices inside the property in an attempt to locate the vermin. During this process, the technician will utilise modern equipment for pest detection to finish the inspection faster, while simultaneously providing long-term results.
Once the pest's location has been revealed comes the time for their elimination from your property. Birds will be kept away from the building with the help of nets, fire-imitating gels and other tools. Rodents will be trapped or exterminated by using poisonous baits.
Up to two additional pest inspections can be done upon service completion free of charge (applicable for guaranteed treatments only). Their purpose is to retreat your property in case you've noticed further pest activity. Note that you can take advantage of your guarantee for a period of 3 months after the initial treatment.
The proofing stage will offer your home or office significant protection against any recurring infestations. Once all entry points are sealed, the animals will need to exert twice as much effort to find their way back into your property. In addition, many of the products that the pest technician uses have a long-term residual effect, which will act as another barrier that the pests won't be able to overcome.

More information about the services

  • Wasp Control

    Don't let the wasps multiply and invade your home next year as well. Book our wasp nest treatment in Welwyn-Hatfield and a local exterminator will quickly arrive to deal with the problem. He will spray the nest with a powerful insecticide powder that will start working immediately and will knock-out the nest in minutes. In the end, all wasps will be eradicated and the nest will be unhabitable.

  • Fogging

    The professional carries a product for every pesky insect out there, including ants, moths, woodworms, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, etc. He can even disarm wasp hives by safely injecting a potent powder with the help of an extendable pole. The insects will become paralysed and die shortly after, and the expert will take down the hive if it’s within reach.

  • Heat Treatment

    There's a new service that is designed to handle large insect infestations such as bed bugs, moths, flies, fleas and more on a scale. The heat treatment works around the insect's resistance to pesticides by targeting them with high temperatures that they can't handle. It is 100% effective against spread out bed bug infestations because it kills even their eggs.

  • Cockroach

    Cockroaches are one of the worst pests that can be eradicated extremely hard. Homemade treatments or products that can be found over-the-counter usually can barely cope with the crawling insects. Anyway, Fantastic Pest Control in Welwyn-Hatfield is there for you. The trained and vetted cockroach exterminators are prepared with high-quality equipment and insecticides for the peace of your mind.

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