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Before performing our wasp nest treatment, bed bug treatment, mouse control or any other form of pest control, your local exterminator in Trafford will have a look around to trace the pests back to their nests. Once he gets a general idea about the scale of your infestation, the expert will walk you through the next step of the process – the treatment.
There is a different product or equipment for every type of pest. The pest exterminator is prepared for all occasions and his vehicle contains any of the combinations he needs to deal with ants, bed bugs, spiders, mice, squirrels, birds, and much more.
The monitoring stage is quite important since this will determine if the entire pest population has been affected by the treatment. In case you spot some movement or just want to double-check that the critters have really left the building, give us a call. If you opted for a guaranteed session, you can even order up to two follow-up visits for absolutely free over the next three months after your service! We recommend follow-ups because they are the only thing that can really guarantee that the pests are eliminated and will not re-infest your home or business.
It’s not enough to simply end the infestation – you also need to know how to prevent one in the first place. Your Trafford pest controller will give you some property maintenance tips and will suggest slight adjustments in your routine if needed (for instance if you have the habit of leaving pet food outside for the night) to avoid giving other pests incentives to invite themselves over. He will also ensure that the latter will have no means of entering your property by sealing all points of entry.

Keeping Your Property Safe Is Simple with Fantastic Pest Control in Trafford

  • Mouse and Rat Control

    Contrary to what the Tom & Jerry animation would have you believe, real-life rodents will not recklessly risk their lives for a piece of cheese. That is where the trained rat exterminator in Trafford comes into play. He will pinpoint all entrances that the mice and rats frequently use to raid your kitchen, and securely seal them using wire wool, expanding foam, and sealants. This goes for all apertures no larger than ½ inches. Traps with poisonous bait are also available if the infestation requires it and they will work quickly throughout the mice and rat population.

  • Bed Bug Treatments

    Most bed bug treatments are carried out with special spray-based insecticides that are designed to hit the bugs' weak spots on the first application. A second application, with products that have a residual effect, is conducted a few weeks after to protect the treated areas against further problems. This way any remaining bed bugs are destroyed for good, leaving them no chance to reinfest your home. While not harmful to you or those around you, you will be asked to leave the building during the bed bug treatments to allow the insecticides to settle down and take full effect before your return.

  • Wasp's Nest Treatment Services

    Don't let the wasps multiply and invade your home next year as well. Book our wasp nest treatment in Trafford and a local exterminator will quickly arrive to deal with the problem. He will spray the nest with a powerful insecticide powder that will start working immediately and will knock-out the nest in minutes. In the end, all wasps will be eradicated and the nest will be unhabitable.

  • Heat Treatment

    The heat treatment is a specialized procedure designed to eradicate even the most advanced insect infestations. In Trafford, it is most booked to get rid of bed bugs, fleas, moths, flies and more. The local pest technician will raise and maintain a room's temperature to 56°C which is just the right number that kills off any bed bugs and their eggs and leaves your furniture and belongings intact.

Your Local Exterminators Can Now Serve Trafford and the Nearby Areas

There are times when an infestation has been going on for months on end, only revealing itself once the population gets too high. But there are also those infestations that strike out of nowhere and cause all sorts of trouble within mere hours. If the last example describes your situation perfectly, get in touch with us today and book an emergency pest service in Trafford or the neighbouring areas. The mice and insect control specialist will visit your address within two hours to swiftly fight off the invaders and pest-proof the building.
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