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The Experienced Pest Controller Can Extinguish Infestations of Any Size

Spotted a dozen cockroaches? What about an army of ants? Fear not, for the pest inspector and technician in Trafford has all the tools to drive the scoundrels out in one visit. Our customer support lines are open 7 days a week and we sport a pretty flexible schedule, so it’s never too early or too late to get in touch!

Technician inspects for bed bugs

Have an infested mattress or wasps buzzing freely in your living room? Before performing wasp control, bed bug treatment, or any other form of pest control, the specialist will have a look around to trace the pests back to their nests. Once he gets a general idea about the scale of your infestation, the expert will walk you through the next step of the process – the treatment.

Technician sprays for bed bugs

There is a different product or equipment for every type of pest. The pest exterminator is prepared for all occasions and his vehicle contains any of the combinations he needs to deal with ants, bed bugs, spiders, mice, squirrels, birds, dust mites and much more. For example, for bed bug control he will spray all infested areas with two insecticides over the course of two visits.

Technician performs second treatment for bed bugs

The monitoring stage is quite important since this will determine just how efficient the initial treatment has been. In case you spot some movement or just want to double-check that the critters have really left the building, give us a call. If you opted for a guaranteed session, you can even order up to two follow-up visits for absolutely free over the next three months after your service!

Pest technician performs rat proofing

It’s not enough to simply end the infestation – you also need to know how to prevent one in the first place. The pest controller will give you some property maintenance tips and will suggest slight adjustments in your routine, if needed (for instance if you have the habit of leaving pet food outside for the night) to avoid giving other pests incentives to invite themselves over. He will also ensure that the latter will have no means of entering your property by sealing all points of entry.

Local Pro

What You Need to Know About Your Trafford Pest Technician

The specialist near you closely partners with Fantastic Pest Control and is your one-stop shop for all pest control services. Whether the mischievous critters have infiltrated a school, a renown restaurant, an office complex, a hotel, or have disturbed the comfort your home, Sam will come to the rescue wielding all necessary tools and equipment.

For your ease of mind, the pest technician carries a comprehensive public liability insurance. He has also completed thorough training courses by an esteemed pest control institution in the UK (Killgerm), wears an ID badge, can arrive for weekend, bank holiday, and after-hour appointments and will work long and hard to ensure that your pest problem is no more.

Samuel is also the pest technician that is responsible for the services in Cheshire East, Manchester and Stockport.

Keeping Your Trafford Property Safe Is Simple with Fantastic Pest Control

  • Mouse and Rat Control

    Contrary to what the Tom & Jerry animation would have you believe, real-life rodents will not recklessly risk their lives for a piece of cheese. That is where the trained pest exterminator comes into play. He will pinpoint all entrances that the mice frequently use to raid your kitchen, and securely seal them using wire wool, expanding foam, and sealants. This goes for all apertures no larger than ½ inches. Traps with poisonous bait are also available if required.

  • Insecticide Treatments

    Most treatments, including bed bug control, cockroach treatments, flea control, and more are carried out with special spray-based insecticides that are designed to hit the bugs’ weak spots. The products have a residual effect, meaning that they will act as a pest repellant for some time after your initial session. While not harmful to you or those around you, you will be asked to leave the building during the treatments to allow the insecticides to settle down.

  • Carpet Beetle Disposal

    Did you know that beetle larvae and not the adult beetle is eating through your favourite rug? The exterminator will spray the infested fabric with a powerful insecticide which will affect the animals almost instantly. Just make sure to refrain from vacuuming your treated carpet for at least 4 days after the service to give the product enough time to wipe out the beetle population.

  • Services for a Safe Business

    It’s not just the food industry that is at risk of a pest infestation – almost any business can fall prey to the animals’ insatiable appetite. Here, the Trafford professional has your back again with a range of services specifically designed to keep the pests out of your commercial establishment and protect your products and employees without interrupting the workflow.

    Some of these options include fumigation (spraying surfaces with a potent spray to reduce the risk of infestation) and bird control (involves spikes, nets, and fire gels).

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Your Local Provider Can Now Serve Trafford and the Nearby Areas

There are times when an infestation has been going on for months on end, only revealing itself once the population gets too high. But there are also those infestations that strike out of nowhere and cause all sorts of trouble within mere hours. If the last example describes your situation perfectly, get in touch with us today and book an emergency service. The mice and insect control specialist will visit your address within two hours to swiftly fight off the invaders and pest-proof the building.

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