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When the pest controller comes to your place, he will get to work right away. As part of the pest control service, he will carefully examine your property in order to fully understand the situation and to come up with an action plan against the specific type of rodent or insect that is bugging you.
When the pest controller is fully aware of the situation, he will implement the necessary treatment. Of course, different pests are treated differently. To give you an example, let's take a look at the treatment of mice and rats. The most important part of it is blocking any small holes that the rodents use as entry points. And if there are any specimens left on the property, they will be captured with traps and baits.
Even if you are a first-time user of Fantastic Pest Control, you can take advantage of our guaranteed service packages that come with free additional visits from your pest control. This option is highly recommended for properties that are at much higher risk of re-infestation. To learn more about these packages, just visit our prices page or talk to one of our representatives over the phone.
You need to keep in mind that even if your pest-related problems are solved, they can return in the future. That is why you need a sound strategy against re-infestation. It would be best if you consult with your local pest controller when comes to inspecting your property. They will be happy to share with you their professional opinion.

Additional info on some pest control services

  • Carpet Beetle Treatment

    Their diet consists of silk, fur, cotton, leather, and other natural materials. What this means is that they may feed on your expensive curtains, rugs, upholstered pieces of furniture, and even clothing, and bedding. To save yourself these problems and your money, call your local Fantastic Pest Control experts and book a carpet beetle treatment.

  • Wasp Control

    The professional pest technician will locate the colony in no time and will treat the site with insecticidal powder, which has a toxic effect on the wasps’ nervous system. The wasp control service offered by Fantastic Pest Control also includes the removal of the nest, if it's easily accessible.

  • Moth Control

    The Fantastic Pest Controller will visit the property and examine the situation. He will check for any signs and all hiding places such as wardrobes, cabinets, or pantries for moths. This step helps him decide which treatment is the best. There are three types of moth treatments: spraying with insecticides, fogging, or heat treatment.

  • Rodents

    The mouse and rat control include sealing of rodent entry points up to ½ inch in diameter with expanding foam, wire wool, and sealants. If the infestation is too severe and poses great health risks to the inhabitants, the expert will also deploy bait boxes and traps to capture and dispose of any sneaky rodents that may still roam the building.

    Learn more about the service: Mouse extermination

Pest control for the areas nearby Torridge

We are always looking into ways to expand our service coverage. So in case your property is technically not located in Torridge but it is still nearby, then contact us anyway as might be able to send one of the local pest controllers to your address. We also cover:

Postcode coverage: EX18, EX19, EX20, EX21, EX22, EX23, EX31, EX37, EX38, EX39, PL15, PL16

Other locations we cover nearby Torridge

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