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Pest Control in Tendring

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The first step of every treatment starts with a thorough examination of the property. After that, the pest exterminator will decide which are the most effective measures that need to be taken to take down the ongoing infestation.
The next step involves the actual treatment of the property. The local pest controller will bring all necessary equipment to treat your home or office in a quick and safe fashion. For example, if you are dealing with rodents, the exterminator will make sure to block all possible entry points with wire wool and expanding foam. He may also use traps with poisonous bait if the professional deems that the rodent numbers are too high.
If you book a guaranteed treatment, you can benefit from two additional treatments for free within a period of 3 months after the initial service. This option is especially suitable for properties that are at a higher risk of becoming infested, such as food venues, warehouses, and blocks of flats.
Our aim is not only to scare the pest away from your property but to also keep them from ever returning. This is why every treatment will end with a consultation from the pest exterminator regarding the things you can do to further fortify your property against a future invasion.

Pest Treatments in Tendring and Other Local Areas

Give us a call and we will assign a local pest exterminator to handle your pest problem. You can also take advantage of the efficient pest control services offered by Fantastic Pest Control if you are situated in any of the following areas:

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