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Reassert Your Position as an Owner - Get in Touch and Drive the Pests Out

Your home is your castle, or so you thought. If the pests have become such a menace that you have been forced to leave your own property, don’t waste any more time and get in touch. The specialist will assess your situation and propose a safe and efficient treatment that will help you reclaim your home or business in a day’s work.

Inspection before heat treatmentThe pest control process will begin with a thorough inspection in order to pick a suitable treatment. After locating the mice nest, ant colony, or whatever it is that is pestering you, he will ensure to seal all entrances into your property that the pests use to forage for supplies. After identifying just how serious the problem is, he will move to step two, which is the treatment.

Technician places bait for ratsThe treatment itself can take on many forms, depending on what the exterminator had encountered. The specialist has access to a variety of equipment, including sealing materials, insecticide sprays, gels, traps, poisonous baits, UV equipment, and other gadgets.

This means that he is fully equipped at all times to battle pretty much any common pest in the UK, be it rats, ants, moths, spiders, mosquitoes, wasps, cockroaches, pigeons, squirrels, dust mites and more. At the end, he can also supply you with a risk assessment report upon request.

Pest technician observes results after flying insects treatmentWe highly recommend booking our guaranteed services. This will allow you to schedule up to two free follow-up visits by the professional in case the pests didn’t learn their lesson from the first treatment. The extra visits can be claimed for up to three months after the first treatment.

Pest technician writes report and tipsThere are lots of preventive measures that you can take to make your property better protected against the hordes of tiny thieves. And the pest specialist will gladly share all of them with you for free, as well as help you identify those areas of your premises that are most vulnerable to infestations.

Local Pro

A Closer Look at What the Pest Controller Can Do for You

Part of Fantastic Pest Control, Eddie Brown has been in the pest control field for many years and knows what it means to deliver a service up to an industry standard and beyond.

He has access to the latest tools and equipment, works in the safest manner possible without disturbing your work routine, and has passed all relevant training courses in the area so you can be sure that the pests will not dare approach your property once he’s done with the treatment.

Eddie is also responsible for the pest control services provided by Fantastic Pest Control in the following areas: Rochdale, Preston and Bury.

Ensure Your Peace of Mind with Professional Pest Control Near You

  • Rodent Extermination

    The agile vermin have excellent teeth, which allow them to gnaw their way through just about anything, including wiring, timber, pipes and even brickwork! The rat control specialist is experienced in locating even the most obscure of entry points (up to ½ inches) and sealing them with wire wool, expanding foam, and sealants. Traps can also be used, but only in severely infested premises.

  • Insect Extermination

    Over the years, single bed bug treatments have become less and less efficient due to the insect’s ability to quickly develop an immunity to the insecticides. That is why your pest controller will arrive twice over the course of two visits (two weeks apart) to treat your bedroom mattress or any other affected item with two separate products. Other insects the expert treats against include spiders, ants, cockroaches, moths, dust mites, and more.

  • Wasp Hive Treatment

    Even if you are not allergic to the things, you can still get stung quite badly if you get too close to their hive. The specialist will neutralise the hive from a safe distance using an extendable wasp removal wand to inject a powdery substance. The insecticide will paralyse and eradicate the small wasp empire. The professional will then safely dispose of the hive for you.

  • Services for Your Business

    A pest infestation is one of those slippery variables in your business that you simply cannot predict. As a preventive measure, you can ask the certified exterminator to perform general fumigation. To do this, he will spray all potentially risky areas with a potent insecticide which will make your premises very unappealing to both insects and rodents.

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Treatments where keys picked up - you pay for a key pickup.

With Fantastic Pest Control you don't have to pay for that.

No rodent proofing offered.

Rodent proofing offered.

Investigation of roof space noise - £100 + vat (£119).

Each inspection is £30 and becomes free if you book a service during the same visit.

Same-day and Emergency Pest Control in Tameside and the Area

Have those squirrels in the attic been driving you crazy for several days on end? Well, that sounds like an emergency! The local Fantastic Pest Control partner can have the equipment ready and arrive at your domestic or commercial property in just a few hours. We also offer same-day appointments, but our booking slots are open for any day of the week, weekends and bank holidays included. Discreet treatments with an unbranded van are also available in:

- Manchester;
- Oldham;
- Stockport.

Thanks for your bee control guys. The pest controllers were quite helpful and seemed very experienced. I have recommended your services to my mum who has cockroach infestation. Keep up the good work!

Rebekah Coleman

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