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Pest Control in South Staffordshire
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Why Choose Fantastic Pest Control in South Staffordshire?

Fantastic Pest Control has a rich history of providing rodent and insect extermination services to clients in London and within the M25 zone. We’ve been delivering regular and emergency pest treatments for several years now, to more than 7,000 happy customers.

We strive to bring the highest quality possible by offering a guaranteed extermination of vermin for both residential and commercial properties. No matter if you are located in South Staffordshire or its vicinity, we will send a local pest exterminator to counteract the infestation that has befallen your home or office.

Pest technician observes results after crawling insect treatment

The pest technician will first determine the scale of vermin infestation in your residential or commercial property by checking for damages and other indicators of pest activity. He will be able to recognise the exact type of pests causing all the trouble, and come up with the best possible solution to end them.

Pest technician sprays for crawling insects

Depending on the vermin species and level of infestation, the technician will use the appropriate treatment to exterminate, remove, deter and relocate the troublemakers, as well as seal their entry points if applicable.

A technician observing the results from the mice treatment.

Although their chances are slim, if the same pests reappear within a short period of time, call us to finish them off. Our customers usually book a guaranteed extermination service, which includes additional free visits within 1 or 3 months, to make sure their property remains 100% pest free.

Pest technician gives prevention advice

Your friendly local pest controller will provide you with valuable insights on how to prevent recurrence or a future pest outbreak in your property.

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Your insect or rodent problem will be dealt with in a matter of hours by a local pest control representative of Fantastic. Our services are also available in the surrounding areas of:

-Cannock Chase


-East Staffordshire

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