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Pest Control in South Lakeland

  • Timely response to pest emergencies in your area
  • Advanced anti-pest equipment, products and methods
  • Certified, trained and insured local exterminators
  • Free follow-up visits, upon request & subject to conditions
  • Prevention, proofing and post-service information

Your South Lakeland pest technician will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

Before the exterminator proceed with any treatment a vigilant inspection of the property must be performed. The technicians will look for entry points, signs, damage to your property nests and others.
Depending on your situation, a treatment will be implemented that will guarantee the desired results. Some pest infestations may require more than one treatment, however, you will be additionally advised by your local pest technician.
To ensure the infestation has been completely eliminated you will need to follow the instructions of the pest control technician. For best results, we recommend our 3-months guaranteed service, which comes with two extra visits, free of charge.
Whether you have booked a rat control, insect control, wasp removal or bird control service, you'll be provided with a service report by the pest expert. He will let you know of any safety and warranty-related information you need to be aware of.

More information about our services

  • Flea Control

    Contact one of our representatives, and you will receive all the necessary information regarding the flea control service and the desired appointment. We will send a technician to evaluate the situation and determine the type of treatment. For flea infestations, we have two options: standard chemical treatment or heat treatment.

  • Silverfish

    The so-called silverfish are nocturnal bugs that may freak you out every once in a while. They don't pose imminent danger but they are known to bring damage to some parts of the property. If you notice more than one silverfish at your place, even during the day, then you should consider treatment against them.

  • Bird Control

    We employ effective bird deterrent techniques and products, including nets, spikes and gels. The pest removal specialist will provide you with proofing tips on how to prevent pigeons, seagulls and sparrows from invading your outside space again.

  • Squirrel

    The squirrel control treatment is usually done in several visits. The exterminator will use heavy-duty traps loaded with bait. You will then need to check on the traps every 10 to 12 hours. Once the squirrels are trapped, the professional will arrive to remove them from your property. 
    Learn more about the service: Pest control for squirrels

Express Pest Control in South Lakeland

Look no further for a fast emergency response when your home or commercial facility in South Lakeland has been invaded by rats, mice, squirrels or creepy crawlies! We will come and get down to the business at once, so you don’t need to! We also cover other areas in the Lake District, such as:

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