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Pest Control in Gravesham

  • Products and equipment are included in the price
  • Fully veted local teams
  • Easy booking process and a flexible schedule
  • Pet and child safe treatments, COSHH-accepted products

When the signs of pests are persistent but you are not sure about the level of the issue, a local team can arrive and thoroughly inspect your property. They will use modern technology to make sure no crevice was left unchecked. They will evaluate the size of the job and what treatment method is needed.

The treatment is not a simple process and that is why you should never attempt doing it on your own. Your Gravesham experts have special products that you wouldn't find in stores. Note that we also use COSHH-approved pesticides.

We also offer you follow up visits. For some services, you are entitled to two follow up visits for free. Please note that if you are not satisfied with the results after our treatment and the pests have not been fully exterminated or removed (depending on the service), we will revisit and retreat your property.

You will receive tips and advice on how to prevent future pest infestations on your property. Some you may know, others you won't know, but they will also explain to you why they are so important and how they will benefit your home.

Urgent Pest Control in Gravesham and Neighbouring Areas

The franchisees in Gravesham operate in close areas, like - link, link, link. Fantastic Pest Control is a one-stop-shop and guarantees you effective treatment and eradication of all pests.

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