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Pest Control in Dacorum

  • Guaranteed results - 1 to 3 treatments
  • Regular services, upon request
  • Fully certified and insured local pros
  • Customised approach to fit your needs

Choose the Fantastic Pest Control Standard in Dacorum District

When in need of urgent vermin removal services in Dacorum, trust your instinct and contact Fantastic Pest Control! We are a recognisable nationwide pest management service provider with years of experience in serving both homeowners and business proprietors.

Our pest relief solutions are as effective as they can be because we follow strictly proven step-by-step procedures. The locally operating exterminators always inspect the affected property, first, to determine the scale of the infestation. Then, the treatment is applied, often followed by another visit (and treatment, if necessary) in a few weeks time. This would usually depend on the type of pest problem you have (ex: bed bugs, roaches, rats), as well as on the extent of the infestation. Furthermore, you pest controller will provide you with a written service report and prevention advice on how to maintain your property pest-free.

Some of the Treatments Available in Your Local Area

  • Rat & Mice eradication

    We treat rodents using bait stations and effective poisons that kill swiftly. Rat and mouse control is usually done in two or more visits, where the pest pro will be able to change the active poison. This will ensure that the entire vermin population is dealt with.

  • Insect treatments

    Depending on the type of infestation, your pest expert will use fumigants, insecticide sprays or another method of insect removal. The range of critters we can treat include bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, moths, carpet beetles and more.

  • Wasp nest treatment

    First order of business is to determine whether you actually have a wasps problem because we do not treat bees. Once the pest is confirmed, your exterminator will proceed with spraying the nest to kill off all wasps.

  • Squirrel control

    Our squirrel removal procedures are quick and effective because we use traps with baits for the intruders and then dispose of them safely, in line with local laws. The local pest controller will arrive to set the traps and it will be up to you to let us know when the vermin have been trapped.

Expedient Response with Fantastic Pest Control in Dacorum

Your business or residential property in Dacorum can be inspected and treated meticulously against the vermin on the same day you called, subject to urgency and availability. We also service clients residing in the locations, specified below:

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