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Pest Control in Broadland

  • Effective results & complete customer satisfaction
  • Regular inspections and monitoring, upon request
  • Fully qualified & insured vermin removal experts
  • Flexible scheduling options & a tailored approach

Your local Broadland pest technician will S.T.O.P. the pests today!

The local pest control technician will first perform a careful inspection of your Broadland property for all the signs of pest activity. Doing this will help to assess the level of the infestation and decide on a suitable treatment.
Whether the pest technician chooses to use traps and baits for your rodent or cockroach infestation or professional insecticides against common insects, rest assured that he will apply the appropriate solutions proficiently and with your well being in mind.
If your pest problem needs additional monitoring after the initial treatment, up to two additional visits will be scheduled over a period of maximum 3 months. The same local pest professional will be assigned to perform a follow-up treatment for you.
Protect your property against future pest infestation by following the proofing advice and suggestions provided by your pest technician. The service provider will also give you some post-service safety advice.

Retrieve Your Property Back from Any Pest Invaders

It goes without saying that once vermin settle into your property, they won’t leave on their own accord. And attempts to get rid of the fast-breeding pests in a DIY fashion, more often than not prove futile.
So, why not assign a local professional from Fantastic Pest Control Broadland with the pest extermination job at hand? The experienced technicians, we work with, are fully qualified and insured to eradicate a range of vermin infestations. And that’s not all! Our company also specialises in post-service pest disinfection solutions, which will help eliminate all remnants of pest activity and germs.
Call now and ensure that your property is free of health-hazardous and destructive vermin!

Check out Some of Our Pest Relief Solutions

  • Anti-rat treatment

    Rats or mice, we treat them all accordingly - by blocking their points of entry and setting up poisonous baits. You can also take advantage of a rodent proofing appointment when the pro will use additional items so that he will prevent the property from further infestations.  Check out more about our rat control and proofing service.

  • Bed bugs control & more

    We deal with bed bugs issues in at least two visits, as the pesky insects are resistant and hard to eliminate in one go. The bed bugs exterminators will return in a few weeks after the initial visit to repeat the treatment with guaranteed results. The company can also help you against roaches, fleas, carpet beetles, dust mites and more.

  • Fogging

    We specialise in fogging services, designed to eradicate severe and far-spread insect infestations. Just give us a ring, and the Fantastic local team will handle the problem discreetly and with your safety in mind. Be aware that you may need to vacate your property for a short while during the treatment process.

  • Bird repellent solutions

    Birds are not only a nuisance, they can cause substantial damage to the exterior of your property. Hence, they are best kept far away from your home or business facility! We use various industry-grade bird deterrent methods and devices to prevent the flying creatures from settling on your roof ( nets, gels, plastic spikes, etc.) You can read more about our bird control service.



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