9 Types of Christmas Tree Bugs

bugs that infest christmas trees
With Christmas right around the corner, we are all excited about the decorations, especially the Christmas tree! But with all good things, there may be some surprises. And in this case – Christmas Tree Bugs.  Read More

Biting or Stinging Insects in the UK and How to Prevent a Bite or a Sting

most dangerous pest in the world
Readthis article to learn which bugs can bite or sting you in the UK. Check the best tips on how to minimise the chance to become a victim. Read More

Where Do Insects Go in the Winter Time?

House during winter
Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash Winter is the time of the year which we wait impatiently because bugs disappear. But how true is this statement? Sure, there are no mosquitoes or fly swarms outside, but have you noticed that there seem to be more pest ... Read More

How Long Do Butterflies Live?

Ever wanted butterflies as pets? Unfortunately, like most insects, their lifespan isn’t very long. That makes having them as pets unrealistic. However, contrary to popular belief, their life span isn’t as short as people think.  The butterfl ... Read More

Spiders and Conkers Myth: Do Conkers Keep Spiders Away?

Conkers macro image
You must have come here because you were interested to know the truth about spiders and conkers. Or you’ve heard something about the pair and are interested in what it’s about. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to keep spiders away from your ho ... Read More

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