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Pest Control in West Somerset

  • Risk-free and efficient rodent, insect, squirrel, and bird treatments
  • Using products and equipment supplied by a leading UK provider
  • Emergency treatments available within few hours of your booking

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The true nature of your pest infestation can only be assessed after a careful look around. And that is exactly what the specialist will do upon entering your property. After checking more vulnerable areas (attic, basement, kitchen, etc.) for pest activity, he will soon discover where the critters are hiding and in what numbers. This will allow the exterminator to choose the most suitable treatment against the vermin.
The products and equipment that the expert will use will be dictated by the pest species he has confronted. For instance, some animals need to be dealt with using products with immediate knock-down effect, while others are best removed using slow-acting baits and poisons. And some, like birds, cannot be killed at all, and the specialist will use fire gels, and other non-lethal, but highly effective methods to extinguish the infestation.
Our guaranteed treatment options come with extra free visits (up to 2, depending on service) to ensure that the annoying creatures are repelled no matter what. If you are still being bothered by strange sounds, smells, and sights after your first visit, the follow-up inspection will help the professional see what went wrong the first time and apply a different treatment to achieve the desired results. Please note, however, that our guarantee is not unlimited and will end 90 days after the expert first visited you.
Upon request, the West Somerset professional can provide you with ample tips on how to protect your property from future infestations day in and day out. He can also issue a detailed report containing all the products and equipment that were used to carry out the service.

Professional assistance for your home and business

  • Squirrel

    The local squirrel exterminator will arrive at your property promptly to deal with the intruders. He will lay traps with bait at key locations and ask you to monitor them every 12 hours. He will then collect the traps and dispose of the animals in a responsible and lawful manner.

  • Bird Control

    Birds are frequent harassers of pretty much any business establishment across the globe. Just like with squirrels, the bird control technician is forced to use non-lethal, but highly effective methods to scare the flying annoyances away. Some of the things he will use include nets, spikes, and the most efficient of all – fire gels.

  • Fly Control

    Fly control is essential for businesses in the food industry. If you have such a business, regardless of how small or big, and you have a fly problem, you can contact us and hire local pest exterminators to deal with the infestation. West-Somerset fly control experts work seven days a week. We also offer several options for dealing with flies - fogging, heat treatment, or a standard fly treatment.

  • Heat Treatment

    There's a new service that is designed to handle large insect infestations such as bed bugs, moths, flies, fleas and more on a scale. The heat treatment works around the insect's resistance to pesticides by targeting them with high temperatures that they can't handle. It is 100% effective against spread out bed bug infestations because it kills even their eggs.

Get Your Regular and Emergency Treatments Anywhere in West Somerset

Whether it’s bed bug control, wasp removal, or squirrel trapping, the skilled professional can assist you in mere hours after making your booking (valid for emergency services only). We also offer completely incognito sessions. Finally, West Somerset is no longer the only area we cover as our base of operations has now expanded to also include:

Postcode coverage: BA16, BA6, EX16, EX35, EX36, TA1, TA2, TA22, TA23, TA24, TA3, TA4, TA5, TA6, TA7, TA9
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